Rose Greenhow (Wild Rose)

Rose Greenhow AKA Wild Rose

What Side Was Rose On?

Rose worked for the confederates because she was a daughter of a slave owner.They had a very rebellious slave and the didn't know it.One day the slave killed Rose's father. From then on she pledged her life to slavery.

How Important Rose Was to the Confederates

Rose was very important to the confederates she told them where they would attack and how and where all the Union soldiers were.

A Spies End.

What Happened to End Her Spying?

Well she had been on a boat trying to get help from other countries. Rose suceeded and got gold bars from Europe and as Rose was getting back from Europe she was about to hit land but her boat was been gunned down by a Union Gunship. Rose had to make a choice either get caught and be exicuted or try to swim to shore with her gold bars... she chose the run with gold bars she jumped head first into the water and she drowns because of the weight! Thus drowning in three feet of water.

How the Union Troops found everything

The Union Troops on the boat sunk Rose Greenhow's ship and checked the waters for her notes and her gold. Soon enough they found her dead in 3 feet of water. They found everything gold and notes and they used the notes aginst the confederates to ambush they because they knew where they were going because of Rose Greenhow's notes.

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Rose O'Neal Greenhow Confederate Spy