IA Girls' Dorm Info

October 14, 2015

Washing Machines ~ Mesh laundry bags & HE soap

  • The service technician found multiple bobby pins and bra wires clogging the washers and creating holes in the tubing, causing them to malfunction every 2-3 loads of wash.
  • We asked the girls to check their pockets before loading clothes and to wash their underwear separately in a mesh bag.
  • The technicians found that the soap dispensers were overloaded with soap residue and that the machines are being overloaded with laundry.
  • The washing machines are High Efficiency models. We ask that you provide the girls with HE laundry soap only.
  • Thank you for helping us keep the machines in good working condition for the use of your student.

Tight Clothing ~ Leave it at home

  • No tight clothes - shirts, skirts, dresses, pants/jeans
  • No cleavage
  • Hemline - no higher than 1" above the bend of the back of the knee
  • Conduct notations will be given to students who don't abide by school policy.
  • IA Sourcebook Chapter 8