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Week 3, August 2013

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Welcome to our weekly Team Email for the best ladies in the business - the gorgeous stylists of Stella Nation. I am so excited to share fun news, great calls, and celebrate YOU and all that you do to delight your customers, hostesses, stylists, and each other, every day!

Latest Stella & Dot News

Be sure to tune in on WEDNESDAY AUGUST 21 for stella & dot's first ever live webcast!
Wednesday, August 21st
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Mark your calendars to join Jessica, Mandy, Danielle and Anita for a special Live Webcast this Wednesday evening! Gather with your team, another Stylist or just your laptop and plan to be inspired and wowed with training tips, sneak peaks and special giveaways. This is our first live webcast and will sure to be an event you won't want to miss! To join the meeting, simply register by clicking here.


There are ten days left in the Rock the Summer Challenge - still time to hit your goals.

Check out the FLASH CHALLENGE from Home Office !! Book 1 more Trunk Show for August in the next 24 hours and you could win the Mercury Necklace LIVE on Wednesday's Fall Kickoff Webcast! Once you have booked your Trunk Show, fill out this survey to be eligible to win: Rock on!

What We're Hearing...

Each week all Associate Directors and above are invited to a call with our Home Office leaders. This week's call was SO informative and I'm really excited to share my top take-aways with you.
1. At our Trunk Shows, Less than 3 people have shopped with us before. That means about 80% of our trunk show attendees are NEW Customers! That is yet another sign of our amazing opportunity to grow as stylists, and grow our team by bringing on new members to our team.
2. Jessica Herrin's advice to you as you end your summer and kick off your fall: HVAC! Focus on HIGH VALUE ACTIVITIES (the C stands for Come On!) :) Stop chasing down those potential stylists and hostesses that never get back to you, and FOCUS that energy on activities that result in HIGH VALUE - like continuing to build your trunk show and sponsoring pipelines by taking focused action (check out the call below for tips on how to make that action happen).
3. Be Ready with your 30 second commercial. What do you say when people compliment you on a stella & dot piece when you are out and about? Have your 30 second commercial ready with your mini look books at hand! (I keep a post-it note on mine so I can get the person's information for follow up easily!) Try this, "Thanks so much - it's one of our best sellers. Best Seller? Yes, it's from stella & dot - I'm a stylist for the company. Have you heard of us? Yes, no, maybe. I'd love to share one of our mini look books with you - gives you just a small glimpse of our line. If you'd like, I'd be happy to get your contact info and send you some more about us - including our full look book - you'll love it - It's like a fashion magazine!"

What We're Listening To!

Absolutely blown away by this call with Senior Director Cindy Rhodehamel. Everyone should take the time to listen to this 25 minute call. Cindy will inspire you to remember that NO obstacle is too great to stand in the way of you reaching your goals.
I am also completely motivated by her "Daily 5" where she moves her business forward every day. I would love to hear what YOU take away from this call. Post in our team facebook page and you just might win a little something fun from me!
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Be sure to register for your local boot camp. These four hour training sessions are just what you need to be ready to book, sell and sponsor this Fall.
Here are some local ones for our team - look for others under "Events" in the Stylist Lounge.
Charlotte NC
Annapolis MD
Atlanta GA
Columbia SC
Richmond VA
Washington, DC


Fall is the BEST time for our business, and I cannot wait to work with you to make the most out of it. Set a goal for this season - is it income, a trip, debt-free holiday season, a Promotion with stella & dot??? Put it everywhere so you see it all the time - and share it with me or your upline. We are here to support you every step of the way. Let's do this Stella Nation!

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Director, Lauren Sigler