Ashley Rose Ensminger

My Personality

My strengths

Loving, competitive, helpful, enthusiastic, energetic, emotional, caring, happy.

Color~ Blue

Blue Signals~ When communicating in this style, the person often asks hoe others will be affected and whether they are being included in the decision-making process. They like to chat and form a personal connection before getting on task or discussing the business. They tend to clam up if they sense hostility or rudeness from others.

My Animal

My animal is a deer.

Their athleticism and grace create a fine first impression. But others find them to be very scatterbrained and emotional. Their behavior is difficult to predict. With their fear of getting hurt, deer often struggle to settle down. Deer are best known for their highly strung and skittish behavior. Their personalities are shy and demure. Because their crazy behavior is hiding deep down insecurities. By hiding behind the mask of characters they find temporary refuge from painful situations in their own lives.

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My contribute to this class~

Being the caring and helpful person that I am, I like to help others. My enthusiastic personality makings it fun and approachable as well. I take no satisfaction in peoples struggles and am always willing to do what I can to help. With that being said I feel like my part in this class is to help out when needed. (:

I love food (=

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