Top Five Holiday

Destinations in Asia

Top Five Holiday Destinations in Asia

Asia is full of awe-inspiring holiday destinations. You can pick up an amazing beach location or you can also choose a metropolitan city with superb shopping malls for your vacations. There are so many options to choose from. is a great help while planning a holiday. It is a user-friendly platform which connects travelers with travel agents who can design a wonderful holiday package as per your budget. If you are planning to visit any destination in Asia, they can organize your trip the best way.

Well here are some of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Asia which you can explore and enjoy :

  • Singapore :

Singapore is an ideal place to holiday if you are a complete foodie with an obsession to shop. It is a city which exhibits a blend of cultures, mainly Indian and Chinese, along with breathtaking shopping malls. You can easily find almost all brands from all over the world under one roof. It is not a tough task to spend days in Singapore because there is so much to explore. It is surely not a city for budget travelers, but it surely deserves a visit to experience an ultimate shopping spree.

  • Honk Kong :

Honk Kong never sleeps, it is always in action which makes it the Asian version of New York and which is why it attracts travelers from all over the world. You can enjoy the fast life of the city along with island hopping and keep exploring new places to eat and shop. You can also enjoy sight seeing at your own pace to enjoy what Hong Kong has to offer.

  • Goa :

Goa has been famous for its free life because in the past it was a haven for hippie culture. Though it is the smallest states in India but it generates that maximum revenue from tourism. If you want a relaxing holiday topped with amazing beach parties, then Goa is the place to be. You can explore excellent beaches from densely populated ones to relatively quiet and untouched beauties which are truly exceptional. It is a perfect place to recharge your body and revitalize your cells.

  • Maldives :

It is a picturesque location to holiday. The crystal blue waters, orange sunsets, lush green beaches are truly a delight. You can enjoy a stay in a private villa which stands on clean waters. You can enjoy a luxurious stay coupled with amazing hospitality and superb food. You can also explore the wonderful life under the water by demanding an under-water session which lets you experience coral reef and underwater creatures.

  • Bali :

Bali has always been on top in the list of honeymooners and surfers. It is totally a treat to your eyes. Its serene beauty is breathtaking. Miles of beaches and amazing volcanic landscapes are simply a wonderful sight. The highlight of Bali is Kuta Beach which is in South Bali. Whether you are a surfer or you wish to climb a volcano or you want to explore the distinct culture or you simply want to enjoy a sunset at the beach, Bali has a lot to offer for a relaxing and a thrilling holiday experience. It is the busiest island in Indonesia and has emerged as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia.

These are some of the most spectacular places to be visited while holidaying in Asia.