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March/April 2019

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Who is My Counselor? /¿Quién es mi consejero?

Credit Retrieval

Students who have failed one or more courses should make an appointment to see their counselor for credit retrieval options to include Pathways, BYU etc.

Do you need credit recovery?

Pathways can be a solution. They offer blended learning credit recovery courses in the evening. The differences between BYU (or any other third party courses) are:

  • On-site highly qualified teachers and supervision by highly qualified staff to ensure that students make progress through the course.

  • Points of contact to ensure that students will finish the course.

  • Students are required to attend increasing their accountability and likelihood that they will complete the course.

  • Use of district curricula vetted by Adams 12 Learning Services.

  • Students have 6 weeks to complete the course, therefore procrastination is not an option!

See your counselor for course selection. For more information visit


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