Trojan Times

April 2014

Daphne Middle School Student Newspaper

produced by Amanda Blake, Alyssa Ducote and Abby Mills

Meet Anna

Anna Elizabeth Glass is a seventh grader. Anna’s parents names are Kerri and Eric Glass. Also, she has two older siblings named Kaleb and Sydnie. Anna’s favorite subject is Teen Discoveries. Her favorite hobbies are baking because she likes decorating cakes and listening to music. Anna’s favorite colors are pink and blue. Also Anna’s future career is to be a baker. Anna’s favorite song is "Home" by Philip Philips. Anna was born in Mobile Alabama on July 6, 2001. Her favorite food is chocolate because it’s so yummy. Lastly, Anna’s favorite sport is basketball because she like’s the feeling of shooting and winning.

Spring Break

Monday, April 14th, 12am to Friday, April 18th, 12am

Baldwin County School District, AL, United States

Peer Helpers support Dig Deep Give Well

Peer Helpers are supporting Dig Deep Give Well, a nonprofit organization that digs wells in Tanzania, Africa, as their 2013-2014 world service project by selling t-shirts and bracelets. Click the link to access the order form.

The Lamara Project

Bowling: Got Zero

Wednesday, April 30th, 8:30am

10460 Eastern Shore Dr

Spanish Fort, AL

This bowling field trip is for students who have "Got Zero"; which is not receiving a discipline referral resulting in OCS, Saturday School, or Suspension in the second semester of this school year. This trip is a reward to those who have followed the rules and earned a trip to Eastern Shore Lanes from their proud school!

Catching Up with Coach Carley

by James Comerford and Graham Jenkins

Coach Carley is the coach of the middle school basketball team and track, as well as a Physical Education class at Daphne Middle School. He graduated with a degree from Auburn University and here is what he has to say about a few good questions.

What is it like coaching and teaching Physical Ed. at the same time? He replied. “It’s fun and tiring since I have to deal with 200 kids a day, but coaching is something I love to do.”

Do you really enjoy coaching a co-ed PE class? "Yes," he said, “I don’t mind having both girls and boys in my class, but girls like different things than boys.”

What was your inspiration for coaching basketball? "I loved playing when I was a kid, and I have been coaching for 7 years."

Did you get a degree for Physical Education? “Yes,” he replied, “at Auburn University.”

Did you play organized basketball as a child? “Yes,” he responded.

Do you think your students enjoy your class? “I hope so.”

Do you think your basketball team will be successful next year due to your coaching? “Absolutely, or they better be. If not, then I need to tighten up.”

Did you ever think of teaching a different subject earlier in life? “Actually, yes,” he said, “I’m still thinking about science.”

Do you enjoy coaching enough to where you would make a career out of it? “Yes, and that's my goal.” He said, “I can’t be PE teacher forever.”

DMS Band Performs the National Anthem for Bay Bears

Our DMS band students have been invited to perform the National Anthem for the Mobile BayBears on Monday, April 28th, prior to the beginning of the game. The Bay Bears will play the Jackson Generals with an 11:35am start. Students and their parents will eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading to Mobile. This is the 8th time in 10 years that the band has performed for this event.

Middle School Survey

by Anna Glass, Azerial Milton, and Maddie Monroe

The past weeks we have worked on surveys for Daphne Middle School students to take. The survey we made is the Middle School Survey. We received 112 responses. Our first question was asking how their middle school experience is and 32% ranked it as an eight out of ten. Another question we asked was what their favorite subject was, most of the people said Math was theirs, while Civics was their least favorite subject. Half of the people said their favorite field trip was Orlando or the Golden Corral trip. Students stated that similarities from this year to last year are the friends they had, and field trips like last year. Some differences students listed were classes, teachers, and MacBooks.

Library Book Fair

Monday, April 28th, 8:30pm to Friday, May 2nd, 3pm

1 Jody Davis Circle

Daphne, AL

During this week, the library will be selling books, school items like notebooks or pens and pencils, and more at their Book Fair sponsored by Scholastic.


by Alyssa Ducote

Once a month students have an assessment on iStation that grades word analysis, text fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension reading skills. Each week after the assessment, students complete at least thirty minutes of practice reading exercises. Each student is placed on his or her own learning path depending on what their weaknesses were on the test. Students may complete their thirty minutes a week of reading practice in either of their enrichment classes, or they can even do it at home! Students that place in tier one, meaning at their grade level, can complete their practice time in the new writing portion of Istation. The writing portion takes students through the "six traits of writing" with the narrator, Calvin Cool. Students will have their last Istation assessment for the year at the beginning of May.

Flappy Bird Survey

by Hudson Arnold and Alex Hayes

In our Flappy Bird survey, we asked people questions about the app Flappy Bird. Three hundred twenty-eight people responded. The first question that we asked them is, “Have you played Flappy Bird?” and 8% replied no. The people that answered no to playing Flappy Bird mostly reported that the reason they have not is that they did not download the app in time.

Ninety-two percent of the people that took the survey replied that they had played Flappy Bird. On a scale of one to ten, how much do they like Flappy Bird? The number one answer was one, which is not at all. Also asked was how much they were addicted to Flappy Bird on a scale from one to ten. The number one answer was ten, which is "super addicted". The people were also asked what is their favorite spin-off of Flappy Bird. The most popular was Splashy Fish. Thank you to all that participated in this survey.

FCCLA Sponsors Pennies for Paws

by Abby Glen

The FCCLA will be taking donations for "Pennies for Paws", which is a fundraiser for the Baldwin County Humane Society. There is a contest between homerooms, and the one that raises the most money will receive an ice cream or pizza party. The fundraiser will start Monday, April 21 and run through Friday, May 2.