The River

Book By Gary Paulsen Report By Ben Mestl

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It starts off with Brian at home living a normal life. Then there is a knock on his door. It is three guys that asked him the question. Would you like to go back in the wilderness and teach us how to survive with nothing. Brian was shocked that they asked him the question. But he thought about it and he decided to go. Brian and one of the guys that came to his house, Derek, went into the Canadian wilderness and Brian told him everything he knew about how to survive in the wilderness. Then one night Derek got stuck by lightening and went into a coma. Brian needed help but he did not have anyone to help him. Then he remembered that there was a river that leads to a trading post. So he got Derek and he made a raft and headed down the river. Then he got into a rough spot at the river and it threw the raft around and then Brian fell off the raft. He got out of the river and he noticed that the raft and Derek were gone. So he ran down the river to find the raft. He found it and he found Derek. He kept going down the river and then he got to the trading post. There he had people to help him with Derek.



Point of View

First Person


To keep thinking positive and don't think negative when bad things are happening, Like when Derek got hit by the lightening bolt Brian needed to keep thinking positive so that he could help Derek out by taking him to the trading post.


1.What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed how it was about how Brain went back out into the wild and he survived again with not that much resources. And how he kept him and another person alive.

2.If the book was well written, what made it that way?

I think it was well written because at the end of every chapter it left you wondering what would happen with Brian and Derek.

3.What the ending satisfying?

No because it just ends with Brian finding the people and getting help and then it just ends with us not knowing what happens to Derek.

4.Would you recommend this book?

yes because if you like suspend this book has a lot of it.