What to visit Along the Nile River.

By: Rebecca Lulling

Are you planning a trip to the Nile River?

If you are here are four places I recommend you seeing while you are visiting the Nile River in Africa.

Aswan High Dam

If you are planning on going to the Nile River maybe plan on stopping at the Aswan High Dam. The Aswan High Dam is located along the coast of the Nile river, so it makes it beneficial to see. One interesting thing about the dam is it is called Aswan High Dam and it is located in Aswan, Egypt. The Aswan High Dam was designed to control flooding, provide irrigation water, protect farmland, and generate hydroelectric power. The dam was very convenient, as it used turbines and didn't pollute the water. The Aswan High Dam is a very dwelling place to see in Africa.


The Nile Delta

If you are traveling from the beginning of the Nile river from the north you will see an amazing part of the Nile river. You will see the Nile Delta, at its widest point on the coast this fan-shaped delta measures 155 miles! This area is one of the most common areas were Egypt's food is produced. The reason is because a long time ago when the river slowed down, and divided into several branches it then dropped the remainder of the silt from the highlands. Over time this silt kept on building up and making the soil layers much more thick. After time it became the richest soil in Africa and one of the worlds richest soil! It took awhile but some of the channels got all filled up with silt and now today there is only two channels left. If you want a great starting place to see at the Nile River come to the Nile Delta.


Lake Victoria

Lake Victory is the shallow lake located in Uganda it is a great place to visit while you are at the Nile River. The White Nile's main source is Lake Victoria. It was discovered in 1850's by an English explorer named John Hanning. It is a large open space with many beautiful nature areas like the landscape. It is a great place to visit and somethings that make it family friendly is you can go boating, canoeing, and see the beautiful sunset at night. You should add Lake Victory to one of your place to visit while you are at the Nile River.


Cairo, Egypt

Cairo should be one of the top places to visit in the Nile River. Cairo is one of the world's most populated cities in the world it is over 11 million people! Cairo is the capital of Egypt. The broad tree lined avenues and the skyscrapers are what marks its banks. Cairo gets most of its water from the Nile River, but sense it is one of the most populated cities they are pouring sewage and industrial waste into the river. Population growth and pollution are putting so much pressure on the water supply. Cairo may have to make some changes and going to have to plan much more carefully for the feature. Cairo is a great place to go visit while you are at the Nile river. Don't forget to also look at some buildings or shops while you visit Cairo.


Water Troubles Along the Nile