Friday Focus May 1st

Learning for Life


Last night as I was pulling into my neighborhood I noticed I was being followed. The vehicle pulled into the driveway across the street, and someone was getting out with a water gun. I sprinted out of my vehicle, quickly shutting the garage door, and yelling for everyone in the house to lock all the doors. It seemed I was safe.

About 10 minutes later, I was in our kitchen pouring a bowl of cereal, and out of the corner of my eye I realized something was very wrong. Macey Hitchcock blasted me with a water gun, and with a big smile on her face too.

I wondered why my wife had gone down to the basement moments earlier. She said it was to get something off the printer. Turns out she was letting my assailant in the house. Betrayed! LOL!

It's been fun hearing all the stories as this Senior...ahem...water game has generated much excitement.

New wireless up and running

If you haven't tried to connect your personal device(s) to the new wireless yet, you might want to give it a try. The network we will use for personal (non-school) devices is BHS Guest and the password is bhsguest.

You may notice BHS Staff and BHS Student are listed on the wi-fi. These connections will be used for connecting the Chromebooks next year. The passwords for these will remain confidential and the tech department will push the connection to them remotely.

Staff will have greater access through their connection. Students will have some limits on where they can go.

Faculty Representatives at Graduation

Please discuss with your departments who will participate in commencement. We always try to have teachers from every department included in the commencement ceremony wearing the academic regalia.

Whole Faculty Meeting

Our final Whole Faculty meeting of the year will be Wednesday, May 6th at 7:30AM. That will be in the heart of Teacher Appreciation Week so we will have a celebratory breakfast in conjunction with the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting will include the following topics:
  • Think-Aloud reading strategy follow-up
  • Required PD survey completion
  • Building checkout procedures
  • Update from PBTE committee on growth measures
  • Brief update on 1:1

Commencement speaker tryouts had also been previously scheduled for May 6th. That event is now scheduled for May 13th.

We will have a normal bell schedule all next week

Finals Schedule

Since graduation has moved back a week or so this year it has caused us to rethink the schedule for seniors down the stretch. Their last regular academic day will be Tuesday, May 19th.

Here is the finals schedule we've developed: Finals Schedule Spring 2015

Friday, May 15th

Senior Finals Even Classes

Monday, May 18th

Finals Review Odd Classes (all students)

Tuesday, May 19th

Finals Odd Classes (all students)

Wednesday, May 20th

Senior Scholarship Recognition 9:30-10:30AM

Senior Brick Painting

Thursday, May 21st

Yearbook Pick Up

Senior Brick Painting

Friday, May 22nd

Graduation Practice 9:00AM

Senior Brick Painting

Significant learning happens when there is a significant relationship.

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