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April 2016

How to ask Smart Questions...

The fastest way to change the answers you receive – from yourself and others – is to change the questions you ask. In planning our questions we need to think about the responses that positive, more empowering questions will yield such as:

What’s the best way for me/my students to be successful at this?
How can I support the success of my student?
How can I make the most of this situation?
What are the options I need to consider in order for my students to learn what they need to learn from the lesson(s)?

The questions you ask will either limit or expand the possible responses you get. The power of the answers you receive is directly proportionate to the power of the questions you ask. Consider how the questions you ask elicit certain responses. Ask yourself, “How can I ask questions to get the best from myself and others?"

by Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.

I found a questioning model called the WIN Model from Creative Results Management that I thought was very simple to use and would work great with students. It is not anything new but l looked at it through the lens of questioning and thought it would be a powerful strategy to use with our students. Not only would it work to strengthen their questioning skills, but it would really promote Growth Mindset. I would love to know how you will use this with your classroom and the outcome of it.

WIN Model (ask these questions and give students time to reflect on them):

*What went well?

List at least 3 successful elements.

*What might be improved?

List at least 3 areas for growth.

*What will you do differently next time?

Commit to one action step.

April Calendar

4/1 End of the 3rd 9 weeks/ Spring Picture Day

4/2 DI State Competition in Dallas/ PTA Fun Run

4/4 TPRI window opens for K-2nd

4/5 Kinder Field Trip/ T2 mtgs for 5th grd., 2nd grd., and 1st grd

4/6 Leadership Mtg.

4/7 PLCs/ Callie Nelsen's last day/ PTA Spring Social-Family Taco night 5:30-7:00

4/11-15 Librarian Appreciation Week

4/12 1st and 2nd grd Field Trips/ T2 mtgs for 4th grd., 3rd grd., and Kinder

4/13 Report cards go home/ Faculty mtg./ Kinder registration

4/14 PLCs

4/15 Kinder and 1st grd Math check up 3 due in AWARE

4/16 Courtyard work day for adults only

4/18 TPRI due in AWARE/ 5th grd Field Trip

4/19-20 Portfolio Shares

4/21 PLCs with Keith in Tracey's room

4/22 Earth Day/ CPHS Band performance 10-10:50/ Kinder graduation pictures

4/25-29 Admin Professionals Appreciation Week

4/25 No School- Bad Weather day

4/26 T3 mtg. 3:10

4/27 Big Rocks mtg

4/28 PLCs/ 3rd grd Author visit

4/29 Field Day