4 Sprise

April Newsletter

Language Arts

Spring is Here!

We are glad that Spring weather has finally arrived! Students told us great stories of their travels and adventures over Spring Break, and now it is time for us to get refocused for the end of the school year. We are excited to end the year on a positive note.

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, April 18--4 Rise to Green Acres (Please send your child in tennis shoes)
  • Friday, April 19--4 Sprang to Green Acres (Please send your child in tennis shoes)
  • Tuesday, April 23--Spring Pictures: Everyone has a spring photo taken, but you have the option to purchase after the photos have been taken. Lifetouch will send you a packet of pictures from which you can choose to purchase any number of photos, or simply return the packet with no charge to you.
  • Monday, April 29--Diffendoofer Day--more information to come :)
  • Tuesday, April 30--Reading Ohio Achievement Assessment
  • Thursday, May 1--Math Ohio Achievement Assessment

Super Students Get Ready for the OAA

We are embarking on a journey to prepare for the upcoming tests with our SUPER STUDENTS! Over the next few weeks, we will be practicing out SUPER STRATEGIES to help us show all we know so that we can defeat the OAA. Students have been introduced to "Monitoring Marty" so far, who has reminded us of what good readers do before, during, and after reading. They will meet two more super heroes to prepare them to do their best on the OAA. Be sure to check out the fantastic video that Mr. Richardson helped the 4th grade teachers make to kick off our unit.

We are also continuing to work on our research projects. Students have done a great job gathering research materials, and we've been working on identifying WOW facts, main ideas, and are working on writing summaries of the information we learned.



Mighty Math Students

We have soared back into geometry over the last few weeks. Students have been working hard to solve the perimeter, area, and volume of figures. We have also been working on studying the attributes of 3-Dimensional figures. We have been working hard on strategies to help us slow down and understand the math problems we are working on. Students are reminded to use the C.U.B.E.S and "Tell Me W.H.Y." strategies to help them understand and explain problems.

Be sure to click on the link below to practice calculating volume Minecraft style! Also, keep on practicing those math facts!


Mighty Magnets

We have returned to Science, and students have been exploring properties of magnets. They learned what sticks and doesn't stick to a magnet, how the magnetic poles interact, and factors that influence how magnetism travels through an object. Students also learned that opposites attract! Students are moving on to building electrical circuits next. They will build simple circuits using motors and light bulbs.