filippino lippi

Renaissance artist!


  • Born in Prato around 1457-exact date unknown
  • Spent most of his life in Florence, but moved around to Rome, Prato and Venice for inspiration
  • learned under Botticelli and followed his teachings closely
  • He did most of his paintings in Florence, but moved around to paint several cathedral domes
  • was relatively wealthy
  • Some art was commissioned by Lorenzo de Medici

Famous works:



Uses perspective in all three paintings

adds depth


Columns and architecture

Classical subjects


all three painting focus on people

Vision of Saint Bernard

  • Created 1485-90
  • Original painting in located in lourve
  • copies can be found worldwide and online
  • Used then-new oil paints
  • Shows incredible detail
  • painting is filled with different things happening
  • Saint bernard is surrounded by a group of angels
  • There is a sketchy "dark priest" in the corner
  • There appear to be several people looking for them on the top
  • perspectivism: Shows incredible perspective and detail
  • (Religious)Naturalism: Depict nature and religious figures
  • The piece is interesting because there is so much going on
  • There is a whole story being told by all the people in the painting
  • Covers a broad spectrum of things like the religion nature and architecture|search|1|Filippino20Lippi|Multiple20Collection20Search|||type3D3126kw3DFilippino20Lippi26id3Dall26name3DAll20Collections26origKW3D

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