Tips for your Escribir Assignments

If you find yourself stuck with the "How do you say...?"


Do not start by thinking out any portion of your Escribir in English. You will end up wanting to say things you don´t have the language for. You will be frustrated. And then you will probably write something that makes no sense. To keep your thinking in the Spanish that you have learned (which is still much more limited that the English you know), start like this-

Get out a sheet of paper and do this for your next Escribir;

1. Write down some of the sentences that have been used in the Unit's practice sections. For example, I've just looked back at U4 and I find these phrases:
  • Normalment miraba las noticias.
  • También a mi familia le gustaban las programas policiacos.
  • Conocía a todos los miembros de mi familia.
  • Mi familia sabía hablar el castellano y el frances.
  • También mi hermano podía hablar el aleman.

2. Second, make a list of 6 or 7 verbs used in the unit

  • Mirar
  • Conocer
  • Saber
  • Poder
  • ser
  • ir
  • ver

3. Make a list of vocabulary from the Unit. Use the unit resource sheet for this.

  • el bisabuelo
  • el cuñado

  • el marido

  • el nieto

  • el padrino

  • el sobrino

  • la bisabuela

4. Create sentences using examples but inserting new verbs and vocabulary:

  • Intead of "Normalmente miraba las noticas", "Normalment el bisabuelo miraba a los nietos.
  • Instead of "También a mi familia le gustaban los programas..." Use sobrino y los nietos for "TAmbién al sobrino le gustaba los nietos..."
  • Instead of "Conocía a todos los miembros de mi familia", Say "El marido no conocía a los miembros de su familia"
  • "Mi familia sabía hablar castellano" becomes "Mi bisabuela sabía hablar aleman."

5. Work out as many sentences as you can this way. THEN work on putting it to gether into a paragraph that flow.

Doing this will keep you from thinking out your answer in English, then wondering how to say it in Spanish. In a way it is simpler, but will help you learn the structure as you work through them.

If you need help, please contact the Peer Tutoring Center. Students helping Students.

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