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February 9, 2014

Stallions Keep Rising

It was a week of great news for SanLee! We learned officially we are the Head of Class winner for middle school, the Clean School of the Month winner for the district, and had over 95% of our 8th graders in Earth and Environmental Science and World History pass their high school final exams. All of this shows the high standards we set for everyone in the Stallion Nation and how hard we all work every day to acheive the best for our students. Keep Rising Stallions!

What's on Mrs. Bridges' mind this week:

Group punishment: silent lunch for the class

Please refrain from assigning group punishment to a class. I have never been witness to an entire class that was misbehaving. You must pick out those students which are following the rules and ensure they are not punished. Group punishment includes silent lunch. Taking away a privledge from those that are behaving is not a fair and just practice.

What's the Why?

Taken from Lisa Pampuch, July 21, 2009

In Discipline with Dignity, a respected classroom management book by Richard Curwin and Allen Mendler, the conclusion is clear: “Group punishments are almost always ineffective. They generate resentment in the innocent students who learn to think that they might as well break the rules because they will be punished anyway, and they teach the rule violators that they will not have to take responsibility for their actions. … Focus instead of teaching correct behavior through natural and logical consequences.”

School psychologist Beth Bruno writes, “Disciplining a whole group for the misbehavior of one person (or small group) in the group gives the impression … that the teacher isn’t interested in taking the time to determine who is acting out and how to deal with one or a few students directly. … Such an approach is likely to feed a feeling of adult unfairness.”

In short, experts say that group punishment is ineffective, counterproductive, and unethical.

Consider other situations involving obedient and non-compliant participants:

• We don’t close roads because some drivers speed. We ticket lead-footed drivers.

• We don’t close libraries because some patrons damage books. We fine careless borrowers.

• We learned not to prohibit everyone from drinking alcohol because some people abuse it when Prohibition was a colossal failure.

Clearly it’s not acceptable for city officials to close a public venue because some easily identifiable visitors violate rules.

Morgan Hill’s skate park should remain open to skaters who obey the rules and should be made unavailable to those who don’t.

Let’s remember that the ends don’t justify the means. Closing the skate park might be easy. It might help those charged with enforcing rules vent their frustration. But it doesn’t increase compliance with safety rules, and even if it did, it’s wrong.

Let’s stop justifying group punishment, and let’s stop using it.

PTSO Board Meeting

Our PTSO board met this week and have allocated money for a snack closet for our students. We all keep snacks and food stashed in our classroom for our children for when they are hungry, because we know if their basic needs are not met, they cannot learn. I will let you know when this is up and going, Thank you PTSO for continuing to support our needs!

Mark Your Calendars!

Next Week at a Glance

Monday: Home Game vs. East Lee, Report Card pick up for 8th grade

Tuesday: Last day for magazine sales, Science Dept PLC, LCS Board of Ed Meeting

Wednesday: Science Fair in the media center

Thursday: Home Gamve vs. Shugart (last game of the season)

Love the Bus Week: Feb 10-14 Thank you Stallion Bus Drivers!

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Honoring Coach Goins

Monday, Feb. 10th, 6pm

2309 Tramway Rd

Sanford, NC

Coach Goins has given so much to the football boys and SanLee over the years. We are going to show him how much we appreciate his service during 1/2 time of the boys basketball game.

LCS Board of Ed Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 6pm

1708 Nash St

Sanford, NC

Our custodian staff will be honored with Clean School of the Month at this meeting.

Science Fair Judging

Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 8am-3:30pm

2309 Tramway Rd

Sanford, NC

Stop by the media center during your planning to judge the exhibits. Mrs. McCauley will have everything you need on a table. Thank you for your time!

PTSO T-shirt & Hoodie Sale

Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 11am to Friday, Feb. 14th, 1pm

2309 Tramway Rd

Sanford, NC

Ms. Anita will be in the cafeteria selling t-shirts (long and short sleeve) and hoodies.
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Thanks, Mr. Long, for the informative and entertaining daily news! See ya in the halls! :)