The Baseball Adventures

By: Madison Joslin | Hour 2

Summer Fun!

This summer was mostly about baseball. Throughout July, my family and I traveled to Superior, Wisconsin and Logansport, Indiana. All this happened because my brother was invited to play in the state and regional competition for baseball. My brother decided to go because he thought this was a big opportunity for him. He has never been asked to go to state/regionals. He was very excited to go though. The state tournament took place in Superior, Wisconsin. After our victory of two games against the same team, Bay Port was awarded a 1st place trophy and a plaque. We did have an extra day in Superior, so we went to see Wisconsin's largest waterfall with a few other baseball families. A week later we traveled to Logansport, Indiana for regionals. Bay Port placed 5th out of 12 other teams across the region. Although we did not win at regionals, my brother said it was a good experience.

The Science of It

Many activities can connect to science, including some of the activities I did this summer. When my family and I went to see the waterfalls, gravity had a huge impact on them. For the water to move down the hill or cliff it needs a gravitational pull. The gravity is controlling the water to move down to continue following the river. Another example is when my brother was playing baseball. When he went up to bat, the pitcher threw the ball with the force going the opposite way the ball needs to go. So when the ball is being hit by the bat, it goes the with the force the bat was moving in. This is connected to Newton's 3rd law of motion. For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.

I Wonder....

- I wonder what will happen to the baseball if the force from the bat wasn't strong enough?

- I wonder how fast the water travels down the waterfall?

- I wonder how many miles it took us to drive to Superior and Logansport in all?

- I wonder if the temperature of the bat would affect the way the ball comes off of it?

- I wonder how many games are played each year at the baseball fields in Logansport?


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