Your Journey Through The Courtroom

Some basic must-know vocabulary

In each court case, there are terms you will come across and must know. Here are some of them :

The plaintiff - the person who makes a case against someone.

The defendant - the person accused.

A complaint - charges a person with the crime.

A summons - an order to appear in court.

Pleadings - a formal statement to explain an action.

A pretrial conference - held before the trial to define the issues to be argued.

Mediation- an explanation about thoughts on a subject.

Arbitration - The use of a courtroom to settle disputes.

A trial - the courtroom proceeding to resolve an issue.

Prepondenerance of evidence - in which the most convincing evidence is considered, not the quantity.

The verdict- the sentence the jury gives.

Appeal - when the defendant feels that the courtroom has not been just, they can demand an appeal and have the case examined by another court.