American Culture 1950s - 2000s

By: Brandon Tran

Material Comfort


The invention of the Video Tape/ Recorder in 1956 was the start of home film which at the time was considered a material possession. With the invention of the Video tape/ Video recorder came more inventions of the same type such as the invention of CD's and other electronic devices. Being able to film and create memories is a material comfort that not everyone had availability to at the time. The evolution of this type of media is material comfort that a lot of people use on a daily basis.


The computer revolution was made by the founding of Apple and Microsoft in 1975. The creation of these 2 large brands that currently dominate the worlds industry show a sign of material comfort as such technologies like computers are a material possession and the use of them continue to grow even up to today. As the companies grew the more influence and change in technology their was.


  • During the 1980's there was a rise in the trend of "yuppies" which are rich, young, graduates that live the high life. It became a trend after an economic boom while Bill Clinton was president. The rise of Yuppie culture occurred in the 1980's.



  • For a long period of time segregation and inequality for black people in America has been a problem. There has been separation of schools and less job opportunities as well as racism and unequal opportunity. The Civil Rights movement lead by Martin Luther King Jr. stood up and revolted against this unfair treatment they received with peaceful protest and speeches which eventually let to the end segregation against black people. Which made the United States a country free of national discrimination and segregation. Equal treatment for all of its inhabitants.


  • In 1973 the Cell Phone was introduced in America by the radio and telephone marketer Motorola. The cell phone is on of the most used and commonly found object in today's society and having a device that allowed people to interact from long distance from anywhere was a huge milestone in the rise of technology. The addition of this technology is a big advancement in modernizing society.


  • In 1990 there was a rise of the Internet (originally made for government use) was progress within technology and American society. This technological advancement is the sole contributor to modern technology and social interaction around the world. With internet people are able to communicate from long distances, look at current news from the country or around the world, as well as being able to view and do things that were never available before.The rise of the internet was huge progress in the formation of technology and American culture.

Practicality / Efficiency


In 1950 come the invention of the credit card (by Ralph Schneider) which is widely used now as a way of paying for items in use of currency. Which is a very efficient way of carrying and managing money. This invention is very space efficient as well as allowing people to pay with their credit card and being able to pay the bill later instead of having to have all of their money with them at once.


America was taking part of the space race with the soviet Union at the time and in 1969 America successfully launched and had landed the first man on the moon with the Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong along with buzz Aldrin were the first men on the moon. Just like President Kennedy wanted which was to land a man on the moon before 1970.


There was an economic boom in the 1990's that greatly fixed and improved american economy. With the election of Bill Clinton Came his different plans for budgeting and economic stability that actually led to a huge boom in american economy. Which ultimately made the american economy more efficient.

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