Great News!

ILEAP sessions now available during the day!

No more waiting around for evenings and weekends to arrive, ILEAP is coming to you on week days!

Thinking about what to do during the day to keep yourself active?

No fear ILEAP is here...

We have been thinking hard about how we can squeeze in more of your favourite activities and with the weekend and holiday diary already so busy, the only possible way to do it is to create week day sessions.

What wonderful things will happen at these sessions?

Arts & Crafts

ILEAP's Marketability Enterprise

A fun, productive and varied session where you will be able to make super lovely items to take home or to sell on local Market Stalls.

If we sell an item that you have made at your Market Ability session then we will split the profits 50 / 50. Half for you and half for the Charity.

This will be a great way for you to earn money and to take part in a worthwhile, creative and fun activity whilst raising money for ILEAP and learning lots of important new skills from your crafty handy work.

ILEAP has thought long and hard and listened carefully and we think we have had that Eureka moment that will make a positive impact both for our Members and the sustainability of our Charity.

We will have an occasional Stall at local Markets where we will sell the great things we have made and tell our story to the Community.

This will help to raise awareness and money for the Charity and empower and reward our Members for all their hard work.

ILEAP Members will also be able to help out and Volunteer on the Market Stall on various occasions throughout the year. This will teach new business and social skills, build confidence, promote independence and raise awareness.

We hope you like this idea, we're very excited about it!


We know how important these sessions are. We love them and it keeps us fit, healthy and energised. We are lucky enough to have a great space to play a huge variety of all our favourite sports; football, dodge ball, golf, hockey and basketball to name just a few of the popular ones!


In Kenilworth we are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many great things we can do, visit and explore. Weather permitting, outings are a great way to get out and about, to learn new things, have a spot of lunch or even gather items for our next project.


There will be lots of yummy healthy options to choose from in our café. Fruit smoothies, delicious snacks, something to tempt any appetite! You may even like to run the café, help prepare snacks, come up with ideas, keep the seating area clean and tidy?


We have many music lovers among us. It wouldn't be an ILEAP session without the great tunes to accompany our activities!

Quiet space

Perhaps you'd simply like to come and relax? Fancy a quiet space to sit and have some time out with friends, read books, magazines, colour or draw.

Anything else?

Everything we do at ILEAP is member centered, if it's within our reach we will grab it for you. Our sessions can be molded and influenced by those who matter to us the most, therefore all feedback and suggestions are welcomed from parents and members.