Moppin Minute

October 12-16

Will the World Slow Down?

So it seems that things just are not slowing down any this month! There seems to be another crazy week...followed by another crazy week and then one more before it's already November?!

Now is when we need to remember what we are fighting for, take a breath and lift each other up. You are all awesome. You are all special. You all have something unique to give the team to make us shine. Look at your posters...what are you fighting for? Are you doing it? If not, how can I help you?

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)

Universal Screening: Wednesday

On the calendar for Wednesday is Universal Screening. This impacts general education classroom teachers. It is similar to the screening you did last year on paper only this year it will be on the computer. There will be instructions given on Wednesday afternoon as to what you need to do. Plan for approximately an hour but the exact time depends on how quickly you move through your class rosters. Anyone extra who would like to score the results, the help would be very much appreciated. This screening process will help identify those Pea Pods that need some interventions. This is to help continue moving our building forward. Please let Jessica know if you are available to help score. We need approximately 3-4 people to score. Screening will begin at 3:15 in the library.

Carnival A Success!

Huge THANK YOU to all who helped make the carnival a success! Our PTO is amazing and worked hard to change up and revive the carnival this year...that work paid off in big dividends for the PTO and ultimately, our school. THANK YOU for being a TEAM!


There was an email send via Liz on when grades are due. Please make sure that deadline is met. If you have questions, check with the office.


The UPDATED calendar will be attached to the email. Several of you are not able to print from the news bulletin so we'll go back to attaching it. Remember things are added, deleted or moved weekly from it so be sure to keep a current one posted for your FYI.