John Hancock

Project By: Lilli Heaston

the early years

John Hancock was born January 23 (our calendar day but back then it was the 12 they are the same day) 1737, in Braintree, Massachusetts.He was raised by his mother Mary Hawke, and his father John Hancock Senior who died when he was a little kid.Soon after his mother moved him to Lexington to live with in-laws.Later he got adopted by his aunt and uncle, Lydia and Thomas Hancock, who had no children.He lived there till he graduated from college in 1754.Four years later he went to London and stayed a short while. He returned to the collonies in 1761.In 1764 his uncle Thomas died.

signs the Declaration of Independence

In 1774, John Hancock was made leader of the Massachusetts delegate to the 2nd Continental Congress. Which assembled the following year in Philadelphia. Yet Hancock and Adams were hunted by the British General Thomas Gage. The two were warned by Paul Revere during the midnight ride, they quickly left Lexington where they were staying and eventually made it to Philadelphia. The congress finally met in may To start writing the Declaration of Independence.