The Bond Brief

September 19, 2014

Happy Friday!

We had a great week of learning! From introducing and persevering with the Chromebooks to connecting with another class for Dot Day, we really got more into technology this week. We were supposed to connect with another class yesterday, but at our scheduled time, mother nature decided to give them a severe storm, and they were taking shelter from the storm. We are going to plan another time to connect! For Mystery Skypes students will have teams of Map Dectectives, Notetakers, Questioners, and more! They will ask questions to try and figure out the location of the class we are video conferencing with. We were able to generate a few questions to get us started with the only focus of guessing the correct state. Here are some of the questions we thought of:

  • Do you have beaches?
  • Do you have palm trees?
  • Does your state touch an ocean?
  • Are you in the west?
  • Does your state border a Great Lake?
  • Do you have mountains?
  • Do you have tall buildings near you?
  • Is it really how where you live?
  • Are there shells at your beaches?
  • Is it cold there?
While listening to the answers the other class gives, students will have maps to look at and start narrowing down the location until they are pretty sure that they have a good guess at where the other class is. Hopefully we will get to practice it next week. These Mystery Skypes will help us with our geography unit, as children will have to understand natural and human features, directions, and reading a map. In addition, this also fits well with our Landform unit!

Today Is Talk Like a Pirate Day!

We celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day by sharing our passions for a bit on a Google Hang Out. The kids had fun with this! On Mondays (revised from early version) throughout the year, we will be celebrating our passions and our special interests by taking the last hour of the day for student choice. Your child can bring in special projects, use the time to research things they are curious about, bring in a special craft, learn a new skill, improve on other skills, etc. I shared my Nurturing Student Passion presentation at Curriculum Night with you, as well as sample projects kids worked on last year. I will be starting off the year with an open theme, but as the year goes on, I will try to have different focuses for the children.

We will talk more about this on Monday in class and practice, but I thought I would give you a heads up. We will begin formally the following Monday!

Team Bond Pirates of Passion

The Week In Review

Reading: We are continuing to read and enjoy The Secret Zoo . In addition, the kids worked on their fluency at the beginning of the week to improve their pace and expression in their voice. Today we watched a video clip (shown below) to talk about how sometimes books make us think about our own lives, evoke emotion, and teach us lessons. Using the Chromebooks, we also went on True Flix, a great e-Book library available to us on many different topics!

Writing: I really wanted to be able to have at least 1 personal narrative published by today, but the Chromebooks took much more time than anticipated to get aclimated with, and we are going to focus on that next week. Each Michigan Kid of the Week will get to have a book written to them with special letters from each classmate. We used the Chromebooks to create our first letters, and I will be printing them off for the star.

Word Study: We kicked off word study this week. We are going to have 2 practice weeks, and they we will officially begin on Sort 3. Today the kids took practice tests using the Sort 1 words. Each week the kids will glue in the words to their assignment notebook for practice. On Thursdays, the kids will bring home their words glued onto a sorting mat.

Science: Slope races were the theme of Monday's science. The children were able to see how slope impacts the speed of water. Water always flows downhill and seeks the lowest levels. We read from our science book today and discussed flooding, drainage ditches, drains in basements, and rivers. In addition, we created our own thermometers using glass bottles, rubber bottle stoppers, straws, and green water. Next week the kids will learn how water behaves with different temperatures.

Math: This week we focused on addition and subtraction story problems with a focus on identifying the key words or phrases that help let us know whether we should add or subtract. In addition, we also focused on drawing the hands on clocks. This was a beginning skill for the majority of the class and something that would be beneficial to work on at home. In third grade students should be able to draw the hour hand correctly...showing that it moves forward as the hour moves on. I put an interactive clock on our Edmodo page to have the kids practice.

Speaking of practice, we are trying to master our addition facts! A majority of the class has improved since the first week of school, but we are still a ways away from mastery. We had 5 students who earned secure ratings (26 or more correct in 90 seconds.) Congrats Sara, Vince, Zach, Caeden, and Ethan!

Edmodo: We took a couple Edmodo Snapshots this week. Some students did not get a chance to complete both of them. The Snapshots are quick assessments that are aligned with the Common Core that help me check in with certain concepts. I believe you can see the results of their Snapshots when you sign into their account.

Chromebooks: We were able to practice our math facts using Math Magician, write Lavena a letter using Google Docs, take our Edmodo Snapshots, read books digitally, practice our word study words and take a practice test, and problem solve using these wonderful digital tools! They are going to be a wonderful addition to Team Third Grade!

Looking Ahead:

The Global Cardboard Challenge is Oct. 11. We will be celebrating this on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 9-10. If you have access to cardboard, it would be great if you could bring in cardboard on the 9th. If you have cardboard at home, you can start putting it aside. I have already started collecting cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, and more at my home. Do not bring the cardboard in until Thursday, October 9.

The Fall Fest was moved to Friday, October 10. The forms went home yesterday for the Fun Run and the Fun Fest. We had an assembly to highlight this wonderful way to raise money for the PTA. Because of the PTA support each class at Glengary has new electric pencil sharpeners that are awesome! I also have several things in my classroom because of the PTA support. My easel, a class set of headphones, a projector and document camera, and books that go along with some of our reading and writing lessons! I hope that all of you are able to participate in some way!

The Michigan Kid of the Week: Lavena

Lavena shared with us that she is a Michigan Kid who loves Maple Beach at Kensington. There were several kids who shared they had never been to Kensington. If you have not taken the chance to go there as a family, I highly encourage you to spend some time there with your family. There is a great farm, hiking trails, sledding hills, picnic areas, and more! All you really need to pay is for your car. It is around $30 for an annual pass to all of the Metro Parks or around $5 or $6 for a daily pass.
Spelling City

Your child can practice his/her spelling words in fun ways throughout the week.

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Check out our large Michigan Dot we created to send to our Dot Day friends in Long Island, NY.

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Have a wonderful weekend!