Mrs. Trout's Weekly News

February 1-5th

We had a perfect week learning about Penguins and the Groundhog ! Please read below to find out what else we learned:

Here is what we learned:

Language Arts: We reviewed our sight words. We learned the new sight words look and see. We read non-fiction books about groundhogs. We wrote predictions if we think the groundhog would / would not see his shadow. Students completed graphic organizers about facts about groundhogs. Students worked in differentiated reading groups and answered higher level comprehension questions about their book. We discussed the characters, setting, plot, problem and solution of the story. Students will complete writings based on their book.

Phonics : We are learning median vowel sounds. This week we focused on the letter u. Students focused on word families and words with the sound of: a, e, i , o u and sometimes y in the middle of words. Students completed literacy centers on these skills. Students wrote words with these sounds and read books focusing on each sound.

Math: Students learned the beginning stages of subtraction. Student learned the math terms, take away, less than, and how many are left. Students used manipulatives and a math number line to help them with this skill. Students completed a variety of math centers focusing on this skill using the i-pads, computer, math journal and subtraction hands on centers.

Social Studies/ Science : We learned all about penguins. Students learned where penguins live, what they can do, what they have and what they are. Students performed experiments to find out about how penguins feathers repel water. We also performed an experiment to show how the penguin's blubber protects them from the cold. Students wrote many facts they have learned about penguins.

Pictures of the week


  • Don't forget tonight is Barnes and Noble Night!!
  • The 100th day is Monday! Don't forget to dress up like your child is 100 years old! Also, don't forget to bring in your 100 snack!!
  • School will be closed next Friday for a teacher meeting and next Monday for President's day.
  • Don't forget to sign up for the PAC dining night for next Thursday !!!
  • Next Thursday we will celebrate Valentine's day! Don't forget to decorate a box at home and bring it in! We will share Valentines's Thursday! Please make a Valentine for each student in our class.
  • Please READ< READ< READ at home for READING month! Please leave the reading log in your child's back see through pocket as we will checking the minutes they read! Don't forget to complete the chart!
  • Girls don't forget to sign up for the Gal Pal Dance! Information went home:)

Thanks to all who donated cans to our Souper can food drive!! Have a great weekend! Good luck to all of your favorite teams!!