My Learning Styles

By: Tristan Garcia

Attributes about the learning style

I can learn by visualizing the thing but i can also learn a lot of different ways. Some one can tell me something i might not forget it unless its not important. I am an auditory learner i can learn by verbal discussion and by the pitch and speed.

How you learn

I like learning by fun not boring because if its boring than i might just not pay attention. I even like learning by seeing it than trying to remember it. I also like learning by voice and writing notes not a lot of notes and not every single day but just like every 1 week

Study tips for your learning styles

I say just keep on reminding your self that you can learn this and also use it in a test. Give people short test every once a week and than see how they do on it. Give people words so they can take at home and study them. Use things that will help us on work.