Connie Fowler & Kathryn Nutt

It Used to Be...

  • Quiet
  • Interactions with books only
  • Very Quiet

It's All a Matter of the Mindset

Pot of Gold was somewhere at the end of the rainbow,
if we start the journey and imagine what could be.


Interactive lessons...hands-on...before makerspaces.
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Thinking Outside the Box

  • The High School librarian decided to consolidate the collection to get more floor space.

  • Re-purpose the 8 year old double sided shelving.

  • Reuse them at the older campuses.

So the change begins...
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Colors and Space - Oh, My!

  • Started with two elementary campuses then moved to the middle school
  • Designed a new layout to create learning spaces for students
  • Rearranged and re-purposed shelving in the libraries
  • Selected bright colors to brighten the room
  • Arrangement of furniture and shelving emphasized flexibility
  • Tables with wheels acquired for mobility and collaboration
  • Removing Free Standing Shelves to open cramped spaces
  • More space for classes for interactivity and collaboration

Spaces to learn - play - explore - create - collaborate - grow

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Spaces for Makerspaces

  • Caught the Makerspace bug
  • Worked with the established current year budget
  • Began training personnel - library aides
  • Kick-off with one elementary school
  • Mornings - before school - student passes -

Making Makerspaces

  • Puzzles, Legos, Keva Blocks, Lincoln Logs, checkers, chess, play dough, marble runs, etc.
  • Start small and use whatever you have- boxes, paper, tinker items, etc.
  • Nearly everything has a makerspace use - collect recycle items
  • Let students use their own imaginations
  • You don't have to know everything. Kids will teach the teacher.
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Makerspace Benefits

  • Students use their kinesthetic abilities
  • Access to multiple learning spaces
  • Learning through play
  • Collaboration with peers
  • Integrates science, mathematics and literacy learning
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Makerspace Challenges

  • Buy-in to the concept and vision of a makerspace
  • Recognizing it won't be the library you grew up with. Interactive and noisy.
  • Understanding how makerspaces builds literacy

A Work in Progress

Students love to come and interact with the makerspaces
...because they are actively engaged.