The Grand Taj Mahal

Life of Shah Jahan


The tal mahal was built out of love for shah and his wife. she died in birth but, she said one last request for him to build the taj mahal.


shah had 3 wives but, the last one was his favorite shah saw his wife having kids she had 14 kids but, unfortunately she died during child birth. Although, shah was an Emperor he could not save his wife before she died she whispered for a big monument to be built.

The Construction of the Taj Mahal

Few years later the Taj Mahal was being constructed they brought in 20,000 elephants to carry materials they made it out of red stone and marble made some of the parts were made to be 138 ft tall!


Mumtaz had 14 kids and they had a struggle to be king because shah was ill the winner was Aurangzeb he took rebel and locked Shah up and Shah stared at the Taj Mahal.


Moments later Shah died staring at the Taj Mahal now he is buried with his wife and favorite servant.The taj mahal is now one of the seven wonders of the world.