CCE & The KU Reading Program

I know you read this let's get your rewards!

Here's the scoop...

It's sad but true...KU is phasing out their Kansas Children's Reading Program. After the next school year, the program will no longer exist. Until then, you have the chance to earn some pretty cool rewards just for doing what your teachers ask you to do each day! Read on to learn about the required log, the due date, and the rewards I've ordered just for YOU!

KU Reading Program Logs are DUE...

...Thursday, May 19th! Please return your log to Mrs. Arter in the CCE Library Media Center by no later than noon next Thursday. Your prize packs will be prepared that night and present to you the next day. Come on, you can do it!

*Use the link below to access the log.

A sneak peek at the prizes...

:) Read, Reflect, Repeat :)

Reading = Rewards

That math equation is so true! Here is how it works...

  • ALL participants will earn a certificate and a FREE book of his/her choice!!

  • Six to eleven (6-11) books read qualifies for the SILVER seal.
  • Twelve (12) or more books read qualifies for the GOLD seal.
  • Genre requirements include at least one award winner of any kind, at least one historical fiction or biography title, at least two additional fiction books & at least two additional nonfiction books.
  • Earning the book light requires that the student have read at least two fiction books that qualify as a "mystery", an "adventure" title or one of each.

If you'd like a copy of your check-out history from the CCE library this year, I'm happy to provide one for you. Send an email or stop in and ask and I get one printed in a jiffy!

Click here to access the KU Reading Program Log

Log valid for the 2015-2016 school year ONLY.