My Digital Footprint

By Alan Ortiz

What is a Digital Footprint and why is it important?

Your Digital Footprint is what you do online like social media and remember once it's online there is no way of deleting it your digital footprint is so important now in 2016 from getting a job and as simple as babysitting a kid everyone that doesn't know you will check it to know you better so keep it clean.

My Digital Footprint Future

Digital Footprint helpful or harmful?

i think its both many things that you do can ruin or help your future it all depends on what you do with it.

It's Harmful because it can ruin your chance of getting a job or attending a college that you want to go to.

It can be Helpful because you can impress your new boss or admission advisor to get your dream job or get in to that college that you want to go to.

What is the most Important thing you learn this semester about your maintaining your digital footprint?

What i learn is that things you do or did two years ago or today will stay up forever not matter what you do you gotta be carefull and what you post anything you do can jeopardize your future in anyway and you also need to be involved more to get show people you do great things and that anything can help and harm.