Golfing Project

By: Holden, Seunghun, Rhea, Harli

Questions 1-4

Independent variable- Time, t (in seconds)

Dependent variable- Height, h (in feet)

Domain- x≥0, x≤6.25

Range- y≥0, y≤156.25

The golf ball is in the air for 6.25 seconds

Questions #5,6 and 7

The maximum height the ball will reach is 156.25 ft and it takes 3 seconds for the ball to reach its maximum height, as shown in the graph below. The ball has a height of 154 ft at 3.5 seconds.Yes, the ball has the same height at another time. The time is at 2.75 seconds.
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Question #8

When the ball is 65 feet in the air it is approximately .74 seconds in its flight. Also when the ball is 65 feet in the air it is approximately 5.5 seconds in the air and descending.
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Question #9

Tweety bird will be at the same height as the ball when he reaches 6 seconds, 24 feet. (y=4x)
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Question #10

Gloria's ball will hit the ground first 1.25 seconds quicker than Earl's ball. The highest the ball will go is 100ft.
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Question #11

A-The graph starts at the 20ft mark and the graph would be 20ft higher.




Red: New tee elevation

Blue: Old tee elevation

X: Time

Y: Height

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