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April 25, 2019

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From Tim: Supporting All Our Students

I can’t wait to see you this weekend at The Stanley Shindig. After years of holding the event in our gym, in a tent, and even off campus, I am delighted we’re moving the evening’s festivities back into the Officer’s Club, where we held many an auction back in the day. This facility was designed, after all, to be the entertainment center for top Lowry Air Force personnel. It will be exciting to put the Pub Room back in service as it was intended!

A highlight of the proceedings will be a community-wide paddle raise to support a new Stanley playground for all our K-8 students. We’ve begun working with a design firm, Urban Play, to capture the ideas, hopes, and aspirations from our community about what a refreshed playground can mean for us. Why is this project so full of opportunity? We know that play, broadly defined, is the foundation of learning, and not just for our youngest children. Play is the way children of all ages make meaning of the world around them, experiment with their strength and physical abilities, and practice essential skills for navigating their social lives.

Unstructured yet inspired play is needed for optimum brain development -- creating the neural pathways that promote the capacity for lifelong learning we promote. A playground is also just a lot of fun. The inherent imaginative realm that exists in every child comes to life in ways we as adults can only marvel at. I truly hope you’ll join me, when the time comes Saturday night, to raise your paddle generously in support of this new Stanley venture.

All the best,