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Remember November 5 set your clocks back one hour

Monday November 7 201 starts PE. Wear appropriate shoes

Tuesday November 8 there is no school for Election Day

November 21 is Report Card Pick Up Day. Sign up with Mrs. Taylor for an in person appointment from 9am-12:00pm. Virtual appointments are from 12:01-3:15.

Thanksgiving Break 11/22-11/25


Chapter 2 Essential Question What strategies can you use to multiply by 1-digit numbers?

Students should be encouraged to use their own strategies as long as they understand the strategy and it makes sense mathematically. Students who understand multiplication are flexible in choosing the best strategy. Compensation is a particularly useful strategy that makes use of mental math. Students who use this strategy demonstrate a deep understanding and make connections to basic multiplication facts, multiples, and properties of numbers, such as the distributive property of multiplication over addition.


In this lesson, students explore the concept of energy by first understanding what energy is and then by distinguishing between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources and their comparative environmental impact.
This lesson provides useful information about energy sources that students should find relevant to their own lives since climate change (global warming) has become a critical issue of our time.
During this lesson, students practice engaging in discussions respectfully, listening actively, and following set routines.


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Mrs. Taylor

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