Peek Through Our Window

A glimpse into our week at YLS

May 6, 2016

28 Nissan 5776

Dear Parents,

Take a peek through our window to see what we explored, discovered, created, celebrated, and wondered this week.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Chana, Morah Rachael, and Morah Sharona


  • We continued to explore the concept of forces by experimenting with the concept of slopes and colliding objects. We used our knowledge of slope and colliding objects to complete design challenges in which we had to direct a ball to a target using only gravity. Many of us found it very difficult, but we were excited when we finally reached our goal!
  • This week, we explored the concepts of measurement and time. We practiced our measuring skills, compared the length and width of objects, and learned about inches and centimeters. Many friends also had the chance to explore time by using clocks. We noticed the numbers and what they represent. We noticed that the clock counts by 5's which is very exciting as we have been practicing that skill. Some friends know or are learning to 'read' time. We then used this experience and knowledge to talk about the time of our day. Many friends are looking to our clock to monitor their time and what they are doing at any given point of the day.


  • We discovered that, after studying Pesach, we are now able to answer most of the questions that we had when beginning our study of the chag. We revisited our Pesach questions and answered them as a group. We also reflected on our Pesach experiences at home and thought about what knowledge we were able to use at our Pesach Seders. We later shared what we did over Pesach and created a class book compiling all of our highlights from Pesach.
  • Using the research skills we had learned and practiced while researching Egypt and Pesach, we discovered many new things about Israel. With Yom Ha'atzmaut coming up, we broke into groups to engage in in-depth research of individual cities in Israel. We will continue our research next week.


  • Over the course of several days, two friends have worked on creating a book about animals that children typically find scary. The book is meant to allay fears of young children. After the two shared this book, other friends decided to join them in creating a play based on the book. After much rehearsing, the friends performed the play on Friday.
  • This week, we thought about things we would want a new friend to know about us. Some friends mentioned their birthdays were something they would want a new friend to know about them, while others were thinking about their pets. We discovered that there were many things we wanted new friends to know about us and created a list of questions we might ask new friends. Some of these questions will be answered by us so we can share a little bit about ourselves with all our new friends who will be joining us next year. We can't wait for them to get to know us, and for us to use our questions to get to know them!


  • This week, we celebrated Lea's 6th birthday! We welcomed Lea's family to the class to celebrate. We were excited to show our learning space to Lea's brothers and to listen to Lea and her brother as they read the birthday book that she had created. We finished the celebration with singing and cupcakes.


  • This week we wondered if we had accomplished the goals we set for ourselves. Many friends noticed that they had accomplished their goals while others realized they were still working on some of their goals! We collected a list of new goals for us to think about as we look towards the summer and then we filled in our new goals sheet! Looking forward to working hard to accomplish our goals!

Ivrit at YLS

Dear Parents,

This week we started to prepare for Yom Ha'atzmaut. We started the week by looking at a globe of the world. We located Israel and we located America. We then looked at different pictures and discussed which were of places in Israel and which were of places in America. The children were asked where they live and each child answered in a full sentence that they live in America.

We compared the things that students find our classroom (Beit Midrash, theater,table, library, etc...) to things that they may find in Israel (Kotel, houses, bridges, trees, and water). Some things students could find in both places. Other things they could really only find in one. Each child made a chart with things you find in Israel and things you find in America/our classroom.

We sang ארץ ישראל שלי יפה וגם פורחת and put the items from the song onto a large life size map of Israel. This helped us understand the meaning of the song and build/practice our expressive language.

We learned about some things associated with Yom Ha'atzmaut and the State of Israel:

  • Israeli flag- we made flags and used this experience to learn and practice the language related to shapes.
  • Dove
  • The Menorah is the national symbol
  • Israelis like to eat falafel , and many have barbecues on Yom Ha'atzmaut.
  • Israel is turning 68.
  • Hatikvah is the national anthem
  • Map of Israel

For Yom Ha'atzmaut we are practicing a dance to the song אני נולדתי לשלום . This dance helps us practice counting, which direction to march- left or right, and to open/close. We also sang the song כל הארץ דגלים דגלים .

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Chana

Words and phrases we learned this week:

מתאים לארץ ישראל- applies to Israel

מתאים לאמריקה- applies to America

אני גר/ה באמריקה- I live in America

אני בניתי בית- I built a house

אני נטעתי עץ- I planted a tree

אני סללתי כביש- I paved a road

אני בניתי גשר- I built a bridge

אני חיברתי שיר- I composed a song

דגל ישראל- Israeli flag

כחול ולבן- blue and white

שיר התקווה- Israel's national anthem- Hatikvah

אוכלים פלאפל- we eat falafel

על האש ויום העצמאות- barbecue on Yom Ha'atzmaut

Songs we learned this week:

ארץ ישראל שלי יפה וגם פורחת

כל הארץ דגלים דגלים

אני נולדתי לשלום