Alabama Beach Mouse


Information on the Alabama Beach Mouse

The Alabama Beach mouse is an endangered species native to the United States . This mouse lives among the sand dunes of the Alabama coast.These small light-colored mice burrow and excavate nests in dunes and are primarily active at night. Their diet consists of various plant seeds and insects. They prefer sand-covered slopes with patches of sea oats, beach grass, other grasses and herbs, as well as interior sand dune ridges.

Coastal development, including residential, commercial, and roadway construction, has fragmented and destroyed habitat used by this species. Hurricanes and tropical storms have also damaged or destroyed sand dunes and related habitats, and dune use by pedestrians has further degraded the habitat. Stalking by domestic and feral cats as well as other animals plus competition from other rodents have contributed to Alabama beach mouse declines and losses. Exotic vegetation also poses a threat to the Alabama Beach Mouse.

What we can do to stop them from becoming extinct...

We can stop destroying their habitats with roads and buildings. We can also stop polluting and introducing harmful plant species into their natural habitat.