The Rigsby Reader 3.1.15

Updates from Room 311

March Reading Calendar!

March Reading Calendar- I will send a printed copy home with your student. But here is a digital copy if you need it. Students should be reading 100 minutes a week (20 minutes Monday through Friday)
  • Other Reading Homework: Sent home on Monday- Due Friday. Only 1 Packet for the whole week. Your student should read the passage, answer the comprehension questions, and complete the vocabulary assignments.

Questions about BYOT

Does my child have to bring in a device?
No. We have Chromebooks (laptops) in the class during Daily 5 & Math block almost daily for students to use. They are not missing out on anything.

What kind of device?
iTouch, iPad or Tablet, Disabled iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Laptop. I'm discouraging activated cell phones because they might be tempting to be 'off task'- however with your approval it's fine.

What will they be doing on it?
  • Daily 5: reading pre-downloaded books on their device (Nook/Kindle), or accessing during Read to Self/Listen to Reading.
  • Math: during guided math rotations they may use their device during their Technology rotation
  • Indoor Recess

What are they not allowed to do?

NO: Texting, Emailing, Phone Calls, Taking Photos of Classmates, Social Media

They must keep their screen visible at all times so that I can monitor what they are doing on their device. The device will be OFF in their desk/bookbag until the appropriate time.

The device will not go to specialist, lunch, or recess with them.

Please keep in mind: I can only connect your child to the internet, I cannot fix broken technology or troubleshoot anything else. Students may not use their devices to record or take pictures without permission from me or a district staff member. If students are not complying with district guidelines rules and expectations their devices can be confiscated or inspected. Students are responsible for proper care and responsibility of their devices.

Print & Sign This Form for your child to use their own device at school.

Are you following our classroom twitter? @mrskarenrigsby

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Will you be "Lighting up the Night!?"

Light the Night, our biggest PTO FUNdraiser of the year is this Friday! I hope to see you there! The 4th grade team has donated an item for the auction that we know you and your child will want to check out :)

Who: Adults only! 21+

When: Friday 3/6 @ 6:30pm

Where: The Millroom, downtown (66 Asheland Avenue)

Cost: $25 @ or $30 @ the door

What's Included: Beverages & Appetizers

What's Happening: DJ& Dancing, Silent Auction, Live Auction- a GOOD time!

Container Garden Contest

It's time for the 4th Annual Container Garden Contest. This is sponsered by the Men's Garden Club of Asheville. Claxton has a history of strong participation (and winning) this contest! I have never entered the competition because my Green well..more black than green. If there is a parent who is excited about leading this activity with the class, or has a creative idea for a funky upcycled garden project- PLEASE LET ME KNOW! The registration deadline is March 17th.

What We Are Learning

  • Reading- Strategy Group Focus is still 'Text Structures'. We are also working on Synonyms!
  • Math- Our Geometry Test on what we have learned is on Monday. Tuesday through Thursday we will be working on Area & Perimeter. (Reminder: area= length x width , perimeter= adding the sides) with a Quiz on Friday.
  • Writing- We have left Narrative writing and have moved into "Bringing NC History to Life" Informational Writing. The topics that each student chose come directly from our Social Studies standards.
  • Social Studies- In Social Studies this week, we will continue to look and examine the North Carolina Constitution and the State Song.
  • Science- We will be discussing the earth's rotation- and how we have day/night and the seasons. We will also be learning about the phases of the moon.
  • Roots and Wings- Students continue to work on their Balobby Project. This project has students creating a land in centimeters for a mythical creature called a Balobby. (Bah-LOB-by) Students will be working in small teams to design a land for their creatures- calculating the perimeter & area of their rooms. Students will also identify the angles and types of lines that are used in their design.

What's Going on in AIG?

Advanced Subject Group in Reading

Both fourth and fifth graders participated in a letter writing contest (Letters About Literature) from the Library of Congress and North Carolina. In addition: Fourth graders completed our initial book study of Neil Gaiman's Coraline. We have moved on to Junior Great Books stories. These materials are excellent literature with insightful questions for student discussion. We recently finished Thank You, Ma'am by Langston Hughes. Students are expected to participate in learned discussion and reflect on the work. Notes from JGB have been included in the blog.

Comprehensive Study Group

Fourth graders have completed their personal profiles, presented them for recording, and reflected on their work with a rubric for self-assessment. These presentations have been available via the blog for your perusal. Both CSG groups will work with ThinkFun games to shore up perseverance and reasoning skills. These sets of six different games were funded by the generosity of Claxton's PTO granting. The games allow students to use a variety of mental skills for problem solving and reasoning. Students will have logs to record their time and effort in an attempt to also shore up perseverance. Look for this work to expand into classrooms - supported by an NCAGT grant wonderfully co-written by our own Melissa Cole-Essig. Many, many thanks to Claxton's PTO and Mrs. Cole-Essig!!

Enrichment Study Group

Our simulation work with The Great Solar System Rescue continues. As of this, these students have located and saved the first of four lost space probes. To do this, they have had to understand a specific science through reading, process a ton of information from video transmissions and more reading, and, most importantly, share and work with each other to form consensus decisions. There are three teams overall, so we’ll see how they rate at the end of our work! / 828.350.6512

Dates to Remember:

  • March 5th: BBQ Pickup in the Gym 5:30-7:00 (Also give your feedback on the Claxton Playground!
  • March 6th: Interim Reports
  • March 6th: Light the Night Claxton Auction at The Mill Room (7:00pm).
  • March 24th: Chicken Dinner & Math Night
  • April 24th-26: Claxton School Play!

Finding Mrs. Rigsby

If your child has a change in how they are going home- please send a note with your child or call the classroom and leave a message. I try to check my email often- but once I'm teaching, I don't stop! Please let me know how I can help your student be successful.