Maggie Da Silva


These are some fun facts about pigs. Male pigs are called boars. Today wild boars wander the forests of Europe and Asia. Pigs for example are quite smart and they can be taught a number of tricks. Pigs can learn many tricks that people teach dogs. Pigs come in all different sizes and shapes and colors.Some pigs can be pink, black,brown and some have spots and some pigs have a stripe! Pigs need to exercise in the fresh air and root in the dirt with their snouts. Pigs need water or mud to wallow in. Pigs have many interesting behaviors. Pigs are herd animals which means they like to gather into groups. Pigs are social animals , so it possible they should have company of other pigs. A sow is in heat (able to breed) only two or three days out of every 21 days gestation ( howling the sow is pregnant. Well those are all of the facts hoped you liked it!

Did you know


Pigs are happiest when they are poking around for food!

Pigs want to be clean!

Pigs can be taught to use the litter box!

Pet pigs can be trained to walk on a leash!

Pigs make a variety of sounds, especially during mating season or when they are searching for food. When a pig is happy it will snort softly and sweetly!

Riley Wolf