Civil Rights Movement

By: Nyjel Graham

1964 Civil Rights Act

On June 11, 1963 president John F. Kennedy made a televised speech, he made a speech about the importance of African American freedom. He ask congress to create a act about African American freedom. The bill was passed by Lyndon B. Johnson after President Kennedy's Assassination

1960 SNCC (Student non-violent coordinating Committee)

Black and White students were inspired by Dr. Kings method of non-violence, they started to boycott businesses that had segregation, they also used sit-ins to make businesses lose money.

1961 UGA Desegregation

African Americans wasn't allowed to attend the university of Georgia until 1961. Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter were the first black student to attend the university of Georgia.

1963 March On Washington

One hundred years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, over 250,000 people marched to the Lincoln Memorial. they were trying to gain jobs and freedom for African Americans.

1960 Sibley Commission

Many school districts in Georgia threatened to close down the school if they had to desegregated. Which mean end the practice of segregation.

1961 Albany Movement

SNCC, NAACP, and Dr. King helped organize a large movement to end segregation in Albany Georgia. The protesters also helped African Americans the right to vote.