By Izzy


Orangutans are warm-blooded mammals.Their scientific name is Pongo.They are known as The Great Ape or Man Of The Forest,and their family is Hominidae.They are the worlds largest tree climbing mammal.


Borneo orangutans have a smooth,long orange/red/brown coat, and not much facial hair.Sumatran orangutans however, have a red/ginger coat, and heaps of facial hair.Both types of orangutans have small ears, very pale skin, and a large snout.They have a hand quite similar to a human, and a high forehead.Females weigh thirty to fifty kilograms, and males weigh fifty to ninety kilograms.In lenght, they are 1.25-1.5 metres.


Orangutans diet consists of mangoes,figs,lychees,jack fruit,durians and young leaves.Incredibly, they can spend weeks or even months, on just bark with a starvation diet.Fig is their favourite food, although they enjoy fruit.


South East Asia is the orangutans beautiful home.Although the apes were once widespread throughout mainland Asia, destruction of the rainforest has led them being forced to search for a new home.They make new nests each night, to sleep in.Green leaves, mean that it is a fresh nest, and brown leaves mean that the nest is old.Orangutans prefer a habitat that is along waterways and in lowlands, because of their dependence on fruit.


Forests are being pulled down,to plant palm oil.This affects the orangutans greatly.Extinction for them in the wild,is likely to happen in the next ten years.Their future is in peril.Their homes are being pulled down and burnt to plant oil palms.The forest has already lost 40% of its greenery.Orangutans are endangered species.


Orangutans are beautiful creatures.However, their habitat is slowly being destroyed.Help to save the orangutans by leaving the forest alone.