Heredity vs environment

Have you wondered?

Have you ever wonder what makes you adventurous, outgoing, or smart? It all comes down to your heredity and what environment you live in. There is a different even though we all know that something like eye color is heredity, but what about diseases, what about your personality? Keep reading to find out!

Best of the fittest

Let's say that two siblings were separated at birth. One was brought to a jungle, while the other was brought to a barren dessert. You had to learn to live in that environment. Over time (thousands of years) you start to look different from one another. The people in the dessert develop long eye lashes to keep out the sand, or maybe they are able to store water for long periods of time. Maybe the people in the jungle start turning a greenish color so they could blend in. Over a long time eventually these two siblings end up being two different species from all the different changes. This is just an example of how your species could change due to its environment instead of heredity.

Check out this video below that I made

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