The Neuron

Main Function;

Neurons are cells within the nervous system that communicate with each other in unique ways. It is the basic working unit of the brain, designed to transmit information to the nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells.

Some Organelles Within the Neuron:

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The Cell Body:
  • Mitochondria; Supplies energy for the neuron. (Which uses a large amount of energy)
  • Nucleus; Contains the basic information that characterizes the cell. (Proteins, DNA, RNA)
  • Golgi Apparatus; Packages peptides and proteins in vesicles
Extending from the Cell Body:
  • Dendrites; Branches from the cell body almost tree-like and receives signals from other nerve cells

Neurons make up the nervous tissue...

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Neurons receive signals from external and internal environments. The neuron then transmit electrical nerve impulses that move information around the body to other neurons, muscles and glands.

Neurons are Part of the Brain...

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The brain contains 100 million to 100 billion neurons. Both the brain and neurons contain glia (specialized cells). Glia in the brain helps transport nutrients to the neurons and hold neurons in place.