roxana rosas

Where Was I Born and when

I was born in New Orleans,LOUISIANA on April 10,2002 to the parents more wonderful in the world, that are Dora Rosas and Francisco Rosas.

How many siblings do I have?

I have 3 siblings, I have 2 brothers, Fernando which is 8 yrs old,and Abraham which is 1 yrs old, also my step sister which is 22 yrs old Samantha.


Bajo el Mismo Cielo | English

Future Plans

Out of all of this I want to become a neonatologist to take care of babies that have medical problems

The person that impacted my life was...

My mother because she's the one that brought me the world and took care of me every time I got sick even if it meant waking up in the middle of the night some times I get in argues with her but i always remember that she does everything for me and there is no words for the love she gives I love my mother so much...
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