May Private School Newsletter


What a year!
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Mrs. Diane Gwynn McWhorter

Director Of The Boynton Beach School Of The Performing Arts

It has been a year to remember forever, By Mrs. Diane Gwynn McWhorter

Dear Private School Families,

Thank you for another wonderful and productive school year. I can’t thank each family enough for doing whatever was necessary to support your children — both at home and at school. Special thanks to our STAFF who always go above and beyond the call of duty to provide endless energy, skills, and devotion. Thank you and well done to an incredible group of professionals.

Parents and students, thank you for all your hard work throughout the school year. I am so honored that God has given me the tools necessary to open up this incredible Private School for our community; each one of you makes me proud. You keep me laughing and young at heart. I am grateful for your joy, astute insights, and amazing talents. We want everyone to have a safe and happy summer break.

Until next school year, here’s wishing you love, laughter, and learning.


Diane McWhorter

Our Academic Team

A Letter From Our Academic Team:

Our Academic team can not say enough incredible things about this school year. They feel so blessed to have taught for the 2021-2022 school year. "It has been my pleasure and a privilege to watch each of their personalities unfold over the months. The family dynamic we share in our private school is a blessing. Watching the students care for and help one another on a day-to-day basis warms my heart" said Ms. Nicollette in an emotional interview about her last month's newsletter statement. Fun Fridays for Stem Projects has been the biggest hit of the year. From making slime to making lava lamps to creating volcanic eruptions to producing electricity with fruit and vegetables to decorating craft shirts to building the Three Little Pigs houses, to science experiments, crafting, and more. Each Friday is filled with joy and laughter while instilling a passion for innovation.

Ms. Nicollette and Ms. Lori are so excited about May. They will be studying our United States Government and learning its systems of rules, branches, and the people who administer them. We will be having a class mock trial in mid-May. Mock trials allow students to take a hands-on learning approach to all aspects of a court case while preparing students to fulfill their future civic responsibilities. This classroom project is designed for ages K-5. It has the added benefits of causing students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate; to develop listening skills, and gain confidence in public speaking. We are also very excited to integrate Devotion into Writing by writing letters to God. Students will be encouraged to share anything in their hearts with God through their letters. The letters will also express gratitude for His word that we read at the start of each school day and for His unconditional love. And of course, we are so excited to celebrate Graduation. Each student has deserved it and we are so proud!

Our Centre Stage Performing Arts Team

Mr. Kevin, Mr. Edgar, Miss Lyndsey, Miss Crystal & Miss Diane

A Note Centre Stage Performing Arts Team

Miss Lyndsey has loved the encouragement and hard work that the students have shown this school year in her acting and dance classes. The kind, uplifting words she has heard made her heart smile all year round. A few memories from this school year that Miss Lyndsey shared were In acting, she remembers Jaxson saying, "It's okay, to be scared, do you want me to go on stage with you?" He said this to a new student Elana who had never been on stage and was nervous. Now, Elana gets right up on that stage! In Dance, I remember Gemma, Connor, and Araceli practicing their separate dance moves/lifts and hearing, "It's okay, try again, we can do this!" Lani helped me show Gemma our ending for our recital dance because Gemma had missed that day. These are just a few memories that we picked out shared by Miss Lyndsey while she had a tear in her eye. "I will hold close to my heart about this school year. I am so inspired by these children every day and will miss them over the Summer break!"

In acting for May, Miss Lyndsey has worked on a lot of improv. The characters that the students have come up with are too funny. Araceli, Seraphina, and Elana love playing animals, especially cats. Lani does a great grandmother. Gemma is a funny sassy teenager, Connor is a hilarious dad and Jaxson can play any character but loves being the older brother. One of my favorite acting games to play with them is "Emotional Party." The students act out going to a dinner party with an emotion that I have given them. By the end of the scene, I am laughing so hard because they are all doing such a good job, their creativity and structured imagination is the best part of being a teacher! "I look forward to showing all of our hard work at our dance recital, and can't wait for the kids to shine!" Miss Lyndsey shared.

Miss Crystal was excited for the students that their recital dance is finished. Since they completed their recital dance, they have started a new tradition-improv at the end of class. After working so hard for a full hour and fifteen minutes, the students have really enjoyed letting their spirits soar at the end of the day. The students play all different types of music and they do what comes naturally to them. It’s great for them to start dancing off the cuff and it is SO enjoyable for Miss Crystal to watch them move freely. Miss Crystal shares, "They have worked hard this year and every single one of them has grown as a dancer and as a person. I am proud and cannot wait to see them on the big stage! Thank you for such an incredible year with your children."

Mr. Edgar shares a heart-felt note to the parents: As I look back and think about all the things my class has learned, I would say writing their own songs was probably the hardest and most wonderful experience a musician could have. Creating something, whether it is an essay, a story, or even a film, is always challenging because there are so many things that need to take place in order to do it successfully. My class was challenged this year to write a song based on the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Some of my students were quick to come up with a melody (or the tune) of the song but had a hard time writing it down on a manuscript (that’s where we write music, also called staff paper). Others were able to write it without a problem but were not extremely happy with the result. Nevertheless, all of them did it! They wrote beautiful melodies accompanied by wonderful harmony. The joy of it all comes a little later when the song is complete and I’m able to play their compositions. The joy comes when another student can play someone else’s composition. The joy comes when my students understand that they can write music with lyrics and that people around the world can also play it because music is taught all over the world. It was definitely challenging but years from now they’ll remember writing their first song and even though it was difficult, they still did it. Some of my students completed their compositions earlier and they helped other students complete their work. I want the teachings of music class to transcend the walls of our school. I want it to go beyond music and become life lessons. My students, without knowing, are learning perseverance and discipline, a skill that in the real world will come in handy for facing the challenges that life brings. They are learning to work as a team, to follow instructions, and not give up even when they think they can’t do something.

Mr. Kevin shares his final 2021-2022 newsletter message to his students and families: As I say goodbye to the 2021-2022 school year, I wanted to remind each one of you to take all we have learned this school year in Bible Study and truly make it important to yourself all Summer long. Be kind to one another and to the new people that are surely going to come your way. I ask that you love and care for the people you have in your lives and that you welcome new people into your lives openly. When we started school, some of you had never even said a prayer, some of you never missed Church, but together, we formed a bond that teaches us how to live every single day as good people and that bond is our love for Christ. I appreciate all the lessons, stories, and fun activities that we shared this school year. Each of you inspired me just as much as hope I inspired you. Have a fantastic Summer Break!

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Congratulations to a successful performance of Shrek Jr, The Musical! Jaxson you did an incredible job as Shrek! Gemma you were an amazing storyteller! We are so proud of EVERYONE for their hard work and dedication to this production! Thank you parents for your support.

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May Verse Of The Month Galatians 5-22-23

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Registration 2022-2023 School Year

On Friday, May 6th your child will have their 2022-2023 registration packet in their backpack. Please make sure to return the admissions application to secure your seat for the next school year. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Hultgren, Director of Operations! We are so excited for our amazing group of students to return next school year while adding new friends to the group!
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