Malala and her ingury and recovery

Angela Cazarez

Malala and her Story

Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head while driving home from school. Though she was shot, the x-rays show that the bullet was in the cheek, not the brain. In less than a week, protesters were lined up and ready to be heard. Malala has gotten many get well cards by hundreds of kids across America. They feel that the reason she was shot was because she spoke up. Not to long as much as two years,that she was nominated to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. Many people have said that Malala is one of the few people that still stand up for what she believes in. Malala says that one of her biggest inspirations was her father.

Malala and her Dad

" One of the things that motivated me most was my father". Malala's dad worked to change unfair laws and told Malala that she should always stand up for what she believed in.