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Welcome Back Edition- Safety Help Needed

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Class/Teacher Placements

Classroom and Teacher Placements will be emailed out the afternoon of Monday, August 15th

Lin Howe Front Office Open Monday, August 8th

Lin Howe's front office will open on Monday, August 8th.

Please be sure to call in advance: 310-842-4338

Welcome Back Message from Principal Chabola

Welcome Back Lin Howe Sea Dragons!!!

As we begin the 2022-2023 school year there is an understandable feeling of uncertainty as we are hopefully heading out of covid. I also know that at the forefront of all of our minds is the safety and security of our students and campus. Let me assure you that the physical and emotional safety of our students and staff will be the driving force behind our decisions throughout the year.

This summer I was able to take some time to continue to grow as a leader, educator, and colleague in a number of ways. I took time to participate in a safety seminar around campus safety. I read a book on how we can implement our intervention and Tier 1 instructional programs to best meet the needs of all of our students. One take away from the book was to revisit the way in which we look at our language arts instruction across the grade levels. This led me to many podcasts and articles on the Science of Reading. One of the major ways in which we are going to implement these strategies is by piloting a systematic phonics instruction in our TK-3rd grade classrooms, while our upper grades will be focusing on the planning and implementation of Universal Design for Learning and response to literature. Lastly, I was able to read the book “The Four Agreements”. The section of the book that resonated with me the most was about Always Doing Your Best. I come to Lin Howe each and every day with the belief of doing my best for the students, staff, and families. And I believe that each student, staff member, and family are doing their best!!

We are looking forward to welcoming our new students, new families, and 5 new staff members. The building of relationships will need to happen in the classroom, across a grade level, across our site, across our staff, and extend to our families and community.

As your proud Principal, I hope that you know that as we begin this year,

I continue to:

  • Believe in you

  • Hear you

  • Support you

  • Trust you

  • Be here for all of you

My commitment to all of you is to continue working meaningfully each day for our students, staff, and families for our beloved Lin Howe Community. Looking forward to a great year!


Mr. Casey Chabola

Principal Lin Howe

Welcome Back Message from Assistant Principal Raber

Welcome Back Lin Howe!!!

What a pleasure to return to campus to begin the 2022-2023 school year! Last year was such an amazing experience serving as your Assistant Principal and having the opportunity to collaborate and work with students, teachers, office staff, and families. Even though I was split between two sites, I always felt supported by Lin Howe and learned so much from the rich community that makes up this school.

This year, I am overjoyed to announce that I will now officially be your full-time Assistant Principal! I am eager and excited to step foot on campus each and everyday knowing that I can continue to learn and grow as part of the Lin Howe Community. I am so grateful for all those who voiced their support last year in hopes that the district would for the first time allot full-time Assistant Principals for every elementary school. With your love and support, you made this happen and I am privileged and honored to now be here full-time supporting the vision and goals of this school.

As part of my professional growth over the summer, I revisited the book “The Four Agreements” to help support the work that will be happening at Lin Howe this coming year. The area of focus that resonated most with me personally as I read the book was committing to “Being Impeccable with Your Word.” More specifically, speaking with integrity and using the power of our words in the direction of truth and love. Thinking back to last year, this agreement often surfaced through the work we did as a school utilizing a variety of Community Circles and Restorative Practices. We observed both students and staff using dedicated safe spaces to share experiences, build trust, and create mutual understanding, all while speaking with truth and love. This year, I look forward to the possibility that at Lin Howe we can continue to build our capacity to hold space in this way so that our collective community may endure even more equitable learning opportunities.

This coming year will no doubt come with its own unique challenges, however in the face of adversity I will lean on this agreement, working hard as your Assistant Principal to ensure that all our voices are heard at Lin Howe.

With Gratitude,

Mr. Raber

How to Become a Volunteer


Become a School or Classroom Volunteer


You must be a cleared volunteer to be in your child's classroom or chaperone field trips

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Safety Update- Help needed to install fence slats

Please use the link below to sign up for a time the works for you. This will help us plan for lunch and coordinate a quick tutorial for all those who participate. Thank you!!!

Please bring a small ladder or step stool to be able to reach the top of the fence.

Sign-Up Sheet

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Adjusted School Days and Holidays for School Year 2022-2023

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