Teacher Appreciation

March 2023

Hello Friends,

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8 – May 12! Now is the time for you to start planning. Before you start your plans for that week, outline your advertising plan for parents and students.

  • A month before start including in your parent emails or newsletters the dates of Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Two weeks before start talking about it on your daily announcements to the students. (This could be as simply as outlining the dress themes for each day and the fact it is teacher appreciation week. See below for dress themes.)
  • A week before put the dates on the school marque.

Advertising the week to parents and students in advance will result in your teachers getting a little love and appreciation from some parents and students.

Now let’s look at the week. I like to do something every day of the week. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Ask your school organizations if they would like to take a day and do something for the teachers. This could be student groups, clubs, fine arts, athletics, AVID, etc. Some ideas school organizations have done for my campus are drinks and popcorn, breakfast items, snacks, and National Bubble Gum Day. The trick is for the theme to be something students can bring to school easily.
  • Last year I did dress themes for each day. This was the first time I had done it and it was a huge hit! It was advertised to the students and teachers so all could dress up. The best was Dress Like a Student! I actually had teachers rent Crocs from students for the day and there were a LOT of hoodies and earbuds worn as well.
Big picture
  • Tie into a National day or two. To help you, here are the National days for May 8 - May 12:
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I am a very visual person and I like to actually “see” things. So, below is what I did for Teacher Appreciation Week 2022.

Big picture

Out of all of the items you see, I organized the overall week, the gift from HMS on Wednesday and the special game on Friday. By planning it out in advance and recruiting others to help you can easily make it a week full of fun and appreciation.

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Thank you for loving teachers,

Kathleen Eckert

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