It's a Party

Juan Rodriguez and Jacob Boyd

It's on it's way!

I having a party for those who put in the hard work. I want to award those of you who give all your effort.

The only problem is that I have n idea on what y'all like. So I did some research.

I have 2 options for an activity. Also 2 options for the food.

CTMS 7th graders Event

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 12pm

Chisholm Trail Middle School, Rhome, TX, United States

Rhome, TX

Activities for You

We have two options here. The best one is Jumpin' Jack's Bounce House. The reason is because if you rented the bounce house for a long time it will be cheaper.
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Food For You

Here we have 2 options Burger Bonanza and Pizza Palace. Pizza Palace is the best choice is because the price no matter how much will be cheaper than Burger Bonanza.
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