The Scottsboro Boys

Nolan slachetka

The Boys

- The Scottsboro Boys were nine boy that were in Scottsboro, Alabma and they were sentenced to death for a crime of raping two girls.

- Charges agaist five of the boys were droped.

- One day on a freigt train all nine boys got arested and charged with assault

- They were put infront of a all white dury that had very weak evidence

- They were all sentenced to the electric chair except 13 year old Roy Wright


nine African American youths who were indicted in Scottsboro, Alabama in 1931 and quickly sentenced to death for the crime of rape of two young white women.

on March 25, 1931, with a racial skirmish between blacks and whites who were hitching a ride on a Southern freight train.

Alabama, the police arrested nine black youths from 13 to 21 years old and charged them with assault.

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