by: Michael Grant

No Parents... No rules... Great, Right?

All of the adults have disappeared. Everyone over 15... gone. It's up to Sam and his friends: Astrid, Edilio, Quinn, and Astrid's autistic brother Little Petey to battle Caine and his group of bullies for rule over Perdido Beach and to try to find the reason for everyone disappearing, or poofing, as Quinn likes to call it. One more thing, an indestructible wall surrounding the area separates them from the outside world, and kids have started to develop strange powers. No one knows how to get out of this death trap...
In the beginning, all of the kids are free, away from the rules and strict parents. But as the hours drag by, everyone realizes that they are stuck in an area without anyone to provide them with the necessities, although they do still have electricity from the power plant nearby. Suddenly, a teen named Caine shows up and tries to take over. Sam fights his authority, but Caine has a power, he can move things with his mind. What Caine doesn't know is that Sam also has a power: he can shoot light out of his hands. Other kids have developed different powers too, most likely caused by radiation from the power plant.

Over the course of a couple weeks, Sam and Caine battle to defeat the other, all the while trying to ignore the fact that both of their 15th birthdays are coming up, and that's when they'll both poof. The final battle will decide who will prevail and who will poof into the unknown place with the rest of the adults. In the end, Sam wins the fight and he figures out how to avoid poofing. Although they don't figure out where the parents went, they are safe for now and they celebrate with a feast just in time for Thanksgiving.

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Lyrics)