Greetings from Vibha – The Family hospital at Mumbai India.

We can assist you with the procedure of Medical termination of pregnancy at our center.

Kindly decide the dates you wish to fly to Mumbai and inform us on this email.

We will arrange to have you picked up from the airport to come to our hospital. (approx – 20 km).

We can also take care of the ticketing for you.

Our address –

Vibha – The Family hospital

A 101, Mangal arambh, Kora Kendra,

Borivli west, Mumbai 400092 India.

Best contact +91 98211 50889

Email - hiflying@yahoo.com

The Process

The process of First trimester MTP is as follows –

Day 1 - Consultation followed by Preop blood test followed by surgery

Day 2 – Observation, recovery and discharge

The process of Second trimester MTP is as follows-

Day 1- Consultation and Preop test followed by induction of abortion by IV/Oral/Vaginal medications.

Day 2/3- Induction and abortion of fetus.

Day 3/4 - Check curettage under sedation

Additional days of stay if requested can be extended in the hospital or arranged in a nearby hotel.

Tickets can be booked accordingly.

Airport drop can be arranged for your flight back to Dubai.

The cost for the First trimester = 1100 USD and Second trimester = 1900 USD.

We accept cash in USD. Payment can be done on arrival. No prepayment is needed before coming to our hospital.

We need ticket and itinerary to confirm the room and appointments.

The above cost includes

  • Hospital room charges for 1 person 1 day (First trimester) - 2 days (Second trimester)
  • Consultation with doctor
  • Preop Blood investigations
  • Surgeon fees
  • Assistant fees
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • Operation room charges
  • Nursing fees
  • Doctor visits fees
  • Misc charges.

The cost excludes

  • Airtickets to and from India
  • Airport pickup and drop
  • Additional day of stay in hospital/hotel
  • Additional room – in case a second room is needed.
  • Additional procedures needed.
  • Baby cremation and disposal
  • Food for patient and relatives. –
  • We would provide the food and drinks to your room at actual costs.
  • Additional site-seeing or holidays in India.

First trimester abortion till 10 weeks and second trimester abortion till 20 weeks of pregnancy.

If you wish to have more information, feel free to call me anytime or email me.



Best Contact - 24/7 .+91 98211 50889


Economy vip package for first trimester 1500 USD and second trimester 2500 USD without tickets.

Full VIP packages start USD 3000 onwards for first trimester abortion and USD 4000 onwards for second trimester abortion. (Includes Business class air tickets) and visa help.

Call us for more information on the VIP Packages where we arrange everything from home to home.

Ask us for an "All Women Team' Package.