January 24- Get Whitt it!

For the strength of the pack is the wolf & the strength of the wolf is the pack...

The story I tell myself..

In your boxes last week I placed the excerpt highlighting "The story I tell myself..." from Dr. Brene Brown's Dare to Lead. One of the chief reasons I fall prey to this storytelling is because I so easily fall prey to what my version of a situation, truth, or interpretation of any given moment.

I have a friend, Tom Murray, who wrote a blog post this week (<------) which was another reminder

that everyone we meet has a story. Sometimes kids have had a rough morning, sometimes your coworker has had a fight with the spouse..sometimes that harried mom in the parking lot is stressed because her infant son is the hospital. Grace is something that can and should be shared regularly. You never know what that hidden story might be...but I can promise that all of our Whitt family deserves the grace of asking/allowing for it be true.

Morgan's Musings


WOW! 4th grade Writing Checkpoint went so smoothly!!

-Thank you 4th grade teachers for your hard work with these kiddos. You know your kids and you fight for what they need to be successful. Love it!!

-Thank you Ms. Palmer, Frame, Williams, Boruk, Turner, & Riley for rockin' our small groups!! Seriously, y'all are amazing.

-Thank you again Ms. Frame and Williams for volunteering to administer make-up tests on Thursday!!

-Thank you Jill Johnson for lending us your dictionaries!!

-Thank you Marisol, Lisa, Dawn, Nancy, and Kristi for helping with bathrooms!!

-Thank you teachers for being so wonderful and keeping kiddos quiet in the halls. It was outstanding!

This is my 12th year to see/administer STAAR (or ahem...TAKS), and every year has been different. Every campus is different. I am still learning the Wylie/Whitt Way, so thank you for your patience as I get it all figured out.


I walked the halls with Mr. Bayless and we adjusted temps. We only made the rooms 1-2 degrees warmer. The pattern seems to be that it is super hot, then it evens out. I have asked him to adjust Padden, Siratt, and Frame's rooms to slightly cooler temps. If anyone else feels it is entirely too hot all day long and is not evening out as the day goes on...let me know!!...Keep in mind, with TX days, if it warms up outside it will inevitably be warmer inside...and the units in the rooms are big enough to warm a 2,000 square foot home. They. Are. Legit!

Spring Conferences

We will be scheduling our Spring Conferences starting the week of February 12th. These conferences are for students who scored below the 39th percentile on MAP or if you have significant concerns about their growth and progress. These will need to be longer than a 10-minute fly by, so please plan accordingly! (Note: no late night necessary, yay!)


For those students whom you will NOT be scheduling a conference with, here is a note that you can send home (Thanks, JT!!) that allows you to speak of an individualized need for each student. By sending this home, we will be meeting the needs of a parent base who WANTS to help and to also be in the know with their student. Remember, we took the phrase "Your Wolf is doing fine." out of our vocabulary.)

if you could, please turn in who you are meeting with and WHY into my box before spring break.

Thank you!

Notes from the Nurse

Epi Pen Training

The Texas Education Code updated a law that affects Epi Pen administration training. In the past, we have only had to train those staff members with a student that had an Epi Pen. Now, because we have stock Epi Pens (that are kept in the AED box, outside of the clinic), ALL staff must be trained, in the event that you are the only staff member on campus.

"...Each school district, open-enrollment charter school, and private school that adopts a policy under Subsection (a) must require that each campus have one or more school personnel members or school volunteers authorized and trained to administer an epinephrine auto-injector present during all hours the campus is open.

(e) The supply of epinephrine auto-injectors at each campus must be stored in a secure location and be easily accessible to school personnel and school volunteers authorized and trained to administer an epinephrine auto-injector."

Good news!! You should have already completed the Eduphoria "Anaphylaxis" course! Next...all you need to do is watch the video below (click the link) and then come by the clinic, at your convenience, to practice with a trainer and sign that you have completed the training.


Let me know if you have any questions!

Valentines day party graphic coming soon!



Michele Frame 8

Sarah Filip 20

Autumn Matthews 22

Notes from Patricia & Patty

Progress Report 3A goes home to families 1/31/2019.

Shout outs!

  • 4th grade checkpoint went GREAT! Morgan...binders, buckets, labels, and spreadsheets galore! WOW! You've worked REALLY hard to make this go as smoothly as possible for us and it was just that!! THANK YOU!!
  • It takes a village for checkpoints/STAAR to get done, so high five to everyone
  • 4th grade teachers, THANK YOU for your flexibility...it's easy to forget MP hasn't done this before b/c she's so darn good at it all, but your support has been fabulous! Kristin, Stephanie, and Tiffany even made sure they stayed late to help count our papers...THANK YOU!
  • Email Amber your FAVORITE sonic drink for surprise treat next week!
  • Nancy Suttles, LOVE hearing how great you've been working with Mrs. Aldrich and helping with MAP!
  • Speaking of, MAP, thank YOU for seeing the value in using this data to plan!

Calendar Comings


25 writing checkpoint scoring for 4th grade at ESC

28 school board meeting, book fair week begins

29 100th day of school


31 Book Fair late night, parent think tank 6-7pm

& Progress Report 3A Goes Home

Fab Fridays in February begin!


1 SOUP-R bowls of soup provided!


5 PTA board meeting

6 Map Your Future Wylie Way day

7 Breakfasts with Dad

8 Valentines Parties






18 Staff Development day

My buddy Melinda Miller says that Oct and Feb are the armpits of the school year...let's SWEETEN that up with some Fab Friday fabulousness!

Woot woot! Fab Fridays are here!

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