Kindergaten and Elementary Teachers

Liliana Gaona

Summary of what the job of a teacher is.

A description of being a teacher is helping and applying new tasks to students. Teachers teach new subjects and help kids think abstractly. Some daily tasks are grading homework, asses students to their test abilities, teach lessons, plan lessons, supervise and enforce rules to students, and communicate with students parents. They need to have a bachelor's degree and maybe a license depending on a private or public school. Preferred job skills are interacting with students, having patience, and staying organized. The job is increasing by % every year. The salary is $55, 060 per year. The work environment is usually in a public school putting your students lives before you. Emotionally demanding and physically draining.

Career Connections.

What I have learned from what teachers say is that you have to have a passion for the job. You need to love kids and have lots of patience. You also have to have positive attitude and let the kids know you want to be there so they want to be there.

High School Preparation.

Related Courses at Leyden

  • Child Care Practicum is where you make lessons and work with the Kindergartners.
  • Taste of Teaching is where you go to Westdale School and help out students and teachers. That's where you test your skills.
Extra Curricular Activities

  • FCCLA is where you and your partner work to create a good lesson and when the time comes you will present it to judges in a competition.
  • Student Council is where you are a leader of a certain job which you get picked to do.
Work and Volunteer Service

  • I can do an internship on a student teacher. You help out the teachers in what they need. Advantages are working under teachers supervise and the teaching experience. You will get advice, attend teacher meetings, learn how to discipline students, and serve as a team with other teachers.


  • Mrs.Rivera-Roy School Principle-District 83
Mrs. Rivera was my third grade teacher and she turned principle over the course of the years. I know that if I ever want to become a principle I can go to her for advice.
  • Yvette Gaona-Franklin Park Public Library-Circulation Manager
Yvette is my sister and she works with patrons every day. I can go to her and ask her how to have patience with everybody.
  • Mrs.Casady-Mannheim Middle School-District 83
Mrs.Casady was my language arts 8th grade teacher. She retired but I know I can go to her if I ever need advice or assistance.

Post-Secondary Plans.


  • DePaul University because it is a school that I think can help me get to what I want to be and it has a good education program.
  • Aurora University because it is a school with good education and good internships as well. You can actually teach it to real students because kids are there.
  • Elmhurst College is a college where many teachers have gone from West Leyden. It seems like it has a good education program and it can help me financially.
Related Majors

  • Physical Education
  • English Teaching
  • Spanish Teacher
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
  • Theatre Arts Teacher
What you need

  • Masters Degree is required for teaching no matter what
  • License may depend on what type of school you work in weather it is public or private

  • I can do an internship on student teacher. A duty is assisting to teachers. Advantages are working under teachers supervise and the teaching experience. You will get advice, attend teacher meetings, learn how to discipline, and serve as a team.

7 Reasons Why Becoming a Teacher is Awesome